Art: Grim reaper.

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Thread: Grim reaper.

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    Grim reaper.

    Tell me what doesn't work for you
    If its the idea is clear enough etc
    thx in adavance
    This is a job i was working on for a shoe company
    hope they like it.

    2h pencil

    you can see the process on my new blog
    swing by and let me know what you think

    Shot at 2007-12-27

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    I like the look and the energy, but there are a couple of things...

    1 - The red part of the horse blends too much into the background. It gets a little lost.

    2 - Put your hands on a broomstick the way death has them on his scythe and try to swing it. I don't think it can be done.

    Nathan's Journal
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    This image is close to being really good. The colors aren't quite there (have you tried painting in black and white to get values down, then coloring?). As nathan mentioned, the way he's holding the scythe doesn't make sense. Overall, the piece feels unfinished- especially the horse. The style and movement are great and there is plenty here to work with. I think with a little more time spent on it, you could end up with a solid painting.

    edit: Veddy veddy interesting things going on in your sketchbook.

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