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    Daniel Tigerclaw

    This is a re-working of my first Dungeons and Dragons character I ever rolled. I wanted to really think out of the box when I created her so I decided playing a Joan of Arc character as a male player would not only be a challenge but throw people for a loop at the time. She died only once but was resurrected and retired as a 16th level Paladin/ 32nd level Priest. Originally she started out as a "cursed?" Paladin with amnesia who animal companion (from the Beast l ands which she originated) was merged into her being so that anytime she was severally injured she would transform into a giant white tiger but had no control of her actions, the "Curse?" also left her eyes pure white with no pupils although this never affected her vision. Her holy symbol was tattooed on her face with metallic ink and when ever she used her turn un-dead ability or healed someone with the paladin's lay on hands ability it would glow. After her resurrection she was no longer connected to her animal spirit until she finally called for her holy mount which turned out to be her old animal spirit. She has had many adventures including the special battle bow that she managed to get made in concert from both dwarves and elves side beside.

    Imagination is not a total internal power but rather it is a reflection and multi-faceted projection of our experiences and knowledge. We take in information from the world around us and intuitively re-order it into something new. Something is not created from nothing but simply transformed from what was before.
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    George Bridgman anatomy books. Copy them line for line into your notebooks.
    Draw from the model as often as possible. Draw from photos. Draw from the mirror.

    Draw less from your imagination for a little while. Take a photo of yourself as reference for your work. Loot at photos of real armor. Look how dark it is, and then how tight the highlights are. Your armor looks like its made out of plastic.

    This picture is not dramatic. Nothing is happening. People are just standing there looking bored. Read Harvey Dunn's Lecture notes...
    At least Icarus tried!

    My Process: Dead Rider Graphic Novel (Dark Horse Comics) plus oil paintings, pencils and other goodies:

    My "Smilechild" Music. Plus a medley of Commercial Music Cues and a Folksy Jingle!:
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