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    hey, I just read the crits and comments and I have to say, I"m impressed as hell at the level of critique on this forum. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate each and every person who took the time to comment on everybody's stuff. you guys are what make this website an amazing resource for artists. I feel guilty that I am not doing the same, I really would except that I feel I'm not experienced enough and am deathly afraid that a remark I might make would be wrong and could lead them in the wrong direction. I dunno, anyways I just wanted to give a big thanks to those who were brave enough to do it, because working in a void with no feedback is a horrible thing for an artist.
    I know my piece was rushed, and now I know that people here will accept nothing less than your best effort, and are pretty perceptive when it comes to judgment. you had better invest a decent chunk of time on it ok that's enough out of me
    great job everyone , meet up with ya on the next gig
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    Quote Originally Posted by Legato View Post
    honestly considering i took such a radical departure from the standard form, and BSed my way through it i think i did ok! i can't really argue "well it could go up hills" and stuff very well , however in that regard i guess i don't understand allot of your vocabulary and it at least works in my mind! i think you may be misunderstanding the tread's use, as all of the treads are powered, the middle one has hydraulic clearance and suspension control and the lions share of the raw torque, while the tertiary forward tracks pivot up to aid in climbing, down to aid in descending, and left and right to turn. i'd like to believe that its anti personal abilities could neutralize most threats before they culminated in a fired missile, and i could spend all day trying to explain away your very knowledgeable critique, but the fact of the matter is if it doesn't look the part to somebody who knows anything about this kinda stuff than game over! (cough you should go to my da page and tell me what else i've done wrong!)
    well, as i said, i think the overall visual design is good, so if you dont care about realistic functionality, you dont need to get offended.

    anyway, i was just trying to help you take this tank abit further into logical functioning.


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    If I read people's respones to artwork, I have to scroll up to see whom they are refering to but I myself cant find the thumbnail function. So I have to post normal images... huge sorry.
    I too have a problem rating pics for IDW. Design or "Coolness"? Also, how am I qualified to judge upon design if I am not a tank designer... And whats more important? Design or "Coolness" or technique? 33/33/33? Or 20/30/50? Or just the overall feeling? (that's how I tend to judge movies =P) Are my personal feelings important? ... (And teach me to add pics as thumbnails so they dont take so much space and dont reload every time)... And I tend to forget good stuff about the pics and only posting most relevant stuff to my eye, I alos dont post all the bad stuff, only what jumps me... Anyway:

    pro - nice detailed pencil pic
    con - but still a pencil pic, imho to standard

    Mr. Natural
    pro - nice 3d view, nice 2 turrets
    con - still visually (descr. doesnt count =P) todays tank, low detail, thumbs of the tank look very low detail...

    fughi from yuggoth
    pro - interessting style with lots of lines?
    con - looks fragile, mgs arent moveble (thats what jumps my eyes)

    jorge f. muñoz
    pro - spheric wheels ^^, curved lines for description, shading
    con - curved lines of the drawing, making it "comic sanf"? 2d, no color...

    pro - big ^^, MAIN battle tank, not simple spider design! with driving legs (for going faster?) ^^, smoke shield, two shiny guns, did I say it is biG? nice turret form, color...
    con - shiny guns strange, low detail background, to big?, to low detail overall?, too short maingun or artistically (not native english) bad perspective?

    pro - design, rendering, quality
    con - already seen a few times?

    Jim Hatama
    pro - nice rendering
    con - looks like t-72/80/90 with a reactive armor against H.E.A.T, man driving it would be jokeys =P, they cant possibly fit in there, maingun to big...

    pro - somewhat original ww1 design
    con - badly drawn cirlces

    pro - ineresting design, too big for a tracked vehicle?
    con - dislike the background, composition? guy on the roof.. the roof!

    pro - funny design with turret
    con - funny design with turret, dislike the 3 tracks, shadows looks like "shit" (literarily =), sry for that)

    pro - rendering, texture, design, presentation
    con - to common, mainstream

    pro - interesting, presentation
    con - no defence from the front, "disproportional"??? "ugly"... i dont know...

    pro - design, detail
    con - funny shadow, no description, to big, howering stuff? strange asymetrical turret...

    pro - nice grass and trees background, like the reptilian hull
    con - asymetrical, low detail, inconsistent (strange?) shading, maingun to big, turretguns sticking in all fu**ing directions =P

    pro - detailed, rendering
    con - mainstream, common, no 360 degree turret, three guns (imho)

    no comment, im comparison to things you have done... well lots of text...

    pro - detailed ww1 style tank, like a friggin ship, 3d thumbs, description
    con - color, inconsistence (exhaust pipes), only 2d

    pro - funny design
    con - funny design, too small, bad shading, maingun looking strage to the right

    Voted for huhwhat for overall feeling, coolness...

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    Having just logged in to see if all is well around here I must say I'm pleasantly surprised at the amount of crits and comments in this thread. Just posting to say 'thank you' to everyone who took the time to say something. Have a good Christmas (if you're not having it already)

    Oh and Legato, form2function: I've read your comments about checking the screen settings, but as I'm enjoying my Christmas I've got no time to think of something to solve it. If you've got suggestions, go to the discussion thread please


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    ODaYWaLKeRo – I think this is a good start but although maybe a bit sleeker than usual there isn’t much to bring this on from contemporary designs. I think (like my own piece) some perspective could have helped to bring it out.

    Mr. Natural – I like the concept of urban tank, and some of the features described help bring interest into this – perhaps they could have been more interestingly represented eg. some of the scanning technology raised on masts/periscopes to increase the field of view (without exposing the tank). At the moment the design doesn’t look too dissimilar to the Sheridan tank. I like the simplicity of the rendition but perhaps it needs to be a little sharper to show it off to its best.

    fughi from yuggoth – I like some of the concepts you’ve covered and I think your rendition is improving. I think from a design point of view people have already commented on the very uni-directional nature of the armaments. I find the green of the text very distracting I think a better colour would help the presentation. Some of the details are a little rough, it would help the rendition by having the painted on details (like the camouflage) following the contours of the bodies.

    Jorge f. Munoz – I think the design is interesting and some of the details look quiet nice (the doorways and the turret mount) but the style of rendition doesn’t help see them clearly. I think if the perspective was clearer, spacing of rear wheels compared to front, can see the front of the tank but not the turret (although this could be rotated away it looks confusing to me).

    Huhwhat – I like the idea of the design with the mixed locomotion methods. The drawn calibre of the guns looks a little large for the quoted dimensions when compared to the figure within the scene. The representation is simple but quiet effective.

    Dekus – I think the rendition of the tank is strong and effective but the composition is a little off – my eye keeps being drawn to the dark (against bright) end of the barrel and away from what I’d like to look at with the main body of the tank.

    Jim Hatama – I like the ‘light’ in the image the colour and rendition is really nice and subtle. Technically other than the blue-light up object on the back there isn’t much to separate it from a current tank design – it’s been mentioned before but there really isn’t much space within the hull for the crew but I guess that could be covered with some kind of description(/representation), maybe lying down in the piloting position.

    Grenogs – I like what you are trying to do with the design and I think it is good to see something move away from the standard format but for me the details aren’t reinforced enough to explain why the design is removed from what is conventional – I worry that I’m not being very clear. Although I likeit I think the design needed to be better qualified.

    Legato – I think I covered the direction of your design pretty thoroughly during the WIP stage. I think this is one of your strongest designs to date and although it might not be perfectly for a real world battle field the details are there to suspend-disbelief and it to have the look and presence to work as a concept piece.
    I think that you’re right to work on putting the environment s in and although this might not be best there are enough details here to give something of a story rather than just a static environment.

    Dragonspit – I think there are some interesting details for this design and the mobility of the turret is a nice original feature (although some representation on how it would handle recoil etc. would make the design stronger to my mind). The rendition could have be improved perhaps with some stronger lighting to define the angles of the plates a bit better.

    Hideyoshi – Although this design is fairly conventional (as so far as hover tanks go) it is lovely put together and I really like how the ‘texture’ of the craft comes off the page. Wonder whether it would look better presented if the main model was flipped so the directionality of the page was toward the centre of the page whilst at the moment everything goes to the left – but then I guess you’d want the main image to match the thumbnails – maybe the same orientation with the position of the thumbs and the main image swapped – I just miss the thumbnails and the reference figure when I look at the image.

    Rain – I like it when people try to work out a different design but I unfortunately find the concept a little hard to work. I feel too much of the design is unrecognisable there is a lot of form present without a obvious purpose and there doesn’t seem to be any justification as to why the vehicle would travel widest side first. The design looks ominous through and I’m sure it would have a good propaganda function.

    EElevation – I like the originality of this design and there seem to be some good details. I’d like to have been able to see your description to see what some of the details represent. The mobility of the design isn’t really covered which might have been strengthened with a different ‘pose’ to the tank or a description.

    Trashy – I like the approach of modernising the current tank stereotype and giving it a sharper finish. Some of the details are a bit unclear in their representation and the perspective of the image (around the turret etc) seems a little confused. I like the simple background, it works well to give some context without the risk of distracting the viewer.

    IcyM – Although the design isn’t that large a departure from the norm (if that can be said) it does come across as a heavy, formidable vehicle. I think the simplicity of the rendering it effective and works well but some details, like the tracks, could benefit from some work.

    Form2function – I like the simple scene surround the tank but the vehicle itself is a little plain, that some more detail could have helped give it some interest – perhaps hatches, wear or markings.


    My own piece – I really suffered from the press to get work projects finished before the holidays which left with a lot less time than I’d hoped to finish this activity – part of that was realizing I couldn’t do a perspective piece full justice but I was so keen on the design I wanted to get it down in one format. I've been sat doing engineering designs all this month so I really fancied doing something out there with this piece (especially when the standard tank format is so defined - I was keen to try and reach outside that and explore avenues for what a 'tank' could be).
    I didn’t want to become to embroiled in worrying how something would work with current strategies or technologies so, perhaps in an overly, fantastical leap I felt 1950’s Mars would result in enough of a difference – wasn’t really going for a steam-punk feel, perhaps more diesel-punk if such a thing exists. I could imagine battleship like fleets churning up flat dusty plains. I also really wanted to do something that wasn’t a grey or brown that had been done a lot before (I toyed with the idea that it was that colour as it was Richthofen-esque Ace’s tank).

    I’m running off that the mouth so I’ll move to close here.

    I think this looks like a kids book illustration and I don’t believe that fits with ID at all. The design has a very steampunk vibe (cool!) and shows some good functionality, but a mere sideview is not ideal for showing the form. At least you could have touched up the topview a little better for that sake. The asymmetrical turret setup works very well with this type of concept.
    Believable design but execution wise, I’d really have liked to see a more rigid linework.
    Seeing wonky freehand lines with ID doesn’t seem right to me all the time...
    You’re damn right about the lines at the rear, I missed them in my haste and grimaced when I saw them in the final post.

    Nutkin – only seeing yours now as I post this reply; doesn’t really capture ‘tank’ to me, more fire-support/hunter ‘bot. Looking past that I think it could benefit from some more time to bring the design fully out. The rendition looks rather flat and the shadows don’t seem to work to truly bring out the curves of the bodies.

    I'm fairly worn-out writing this so I hope I've made some manner of sense.

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    Hi everyone! Happy Christmas Eve everyone!.. ok, I started this Christmas Eve and didn't finish til Christmas Day...

    Thank you all for your crits. You completely hit my shortcomings on the head. I will manage my time better so I can push my work to a more finished quality, better design, and better presentation. I really appreciate your comments, it will help me get better.

    dragon4lunch: Thanks dragon! And yes, I did play MtG ages ago and a part of the reason for my nickname is the Icy Manipulator card; tap, untap!
    Dragonspit: Your totally right, I could have spent more time to polish this more. More textures certainly would have helped.
    Legato: Good catch! I started working top down and saw the deadline, thus a totally neglected wheel and track base. I could have pushed design more rather than following the tank silhouette so strictly as I did.
    Grenogs: I'll watch what elements I pull and push, especially elements that don't need attention.
    f2f: Good point and I think to further build on your point I should do both! I need to not only address the fundamentals of what I concept, but also hit the aesthetic sensibilities of my designs.
    Hideyoshi: You're right, no love for the tracks. I'll push the contrast more for better finishes. Definitely budget my time better for upcoming IDWs
    Benkashmir: You're spot on. The functional details of my design is certainly lacking. I'll continue to work on that. Thanks for the vote and crit!
    D-Holme: Absolutely, I'll spend more time to details to really finish off my work.

    oDaYWaLKeRo: Strong sketch and good tank silhouette. Its was a good start.
    Mr. Natural: Nice sketch, good design on the turret. I just think a larger body or such to convey a main battle tank. Right now, it feels more scout tank thank main tank. A strong drawing.
    fughi from yuggoth: Love your use of 3D to start, looking good, but feels too light and fast. Also, too much of a top view. More of a 3/4 with the horizon would help us see more of your design.
    jorge: Great start and stylization, a very different shape. but I think a 3/4 view would be better to show off your design. Color or some stronger value would add to it.
    huhwhat: Great piece and awesome design. Looks like a MBT, but also very different. My only suggestions would be some more details with the form, ie rivets, lines of plating, vents, etc. Also, to show the whole form. You've got me interested that I want to see what the feet look like. Solid description too!
    Dekus: Awesome process. Strong design and finish. The barrel seems like a energy type with all the lights and looks good. You could add a sense of scale with a figure? I'm not sure how big or small it is? Also, I think the same crits I've been getting also applies here, its a normal tank. Although, if that was what you were going for, you totally achieved it.
    Jim Hatama: I like your render, but the tank looks "experimental" rather an a mbt. The tech on the rear of the turret looks extra than part of the overall design. Also, the tank doesn't seem like a mbt when next to the larger figures.
    Grenogs: Great silhouette and something different. However, it doesn't feel like a mbt. I'm not sure where the crew would go, much less the other essentials of a tank. Feeling WW1ish, I'm not sure how the crew sees the battlefield. Lastly, like mine, I think the tracks could use some more work. It feels too slim than a heavy tracks a mbt would have.
    Legato: Very cool and something different. Its a great piece. Certainly feels like a mbt and breaks the mold. Great job.
    Dragonspit: Nice futuristic design. Perhaps a better dynamic perspective angle would give your piece more power. Also, more focus on values would be strengthen your piece too.
    Hideyoshi: Like everyone says, great piece and great presentation. Great looking tank. But with your scale it doesn't seem heavy enough, "main" enough? Of course, who is to say that a main battle tank has to be big and heavy? I've seen your work before and I guess you've set a high standard for me. So while this is great next to everyone elses, it isn't exceptional compared to your other work.
    :::rain::: Cool idea, but doesn't convey a mbt. I see mobile HQ /artillery/seige unit. Solid presentation, great description and good rendering.
    EElevation: Good design, I like the futuristic look and it does feel like a mbt. Nice work. Perhaps a better perspective angle? The tank feels plain, just sitting there while others seems to pop out more at you. Some textures and more time rendering I think will push yours to a great polished finish.
    Trashy: I like your idea, but some perspective issues throw me off. The turret parts feel like an after thought add on and the barrel doesn't feel llike it would fire correctly. The tracks being off as well, so it doesn't feel as grounded as it should be.
    myself: What more can be said than what you all have said? A very typical tank design that may address the guidelines, but its nothing special. Poor time management led me to really neglect finishing parts of the tank and to take time to think about the detail functionality of the design. Like a rotating turret. Thank you all!
    form2function: Sweet idea and fantastic presentation. I like the sleek design and feels too, like a mbt. Just some more details to round it off and something really show scale, I assume its large, but I'm not sure. Something indicating a hatch or something?
    D-Holme: I like your style, design and it feels heavy and powerful. If you could also had added a 3/4 view it would have really punched it out. I'm if you were headed to an illustrated design, or Warhammer-ish, but if you were, it does feel like that. And I know this is cliche, but I think any tank needs a eye catching main turret and cannon/barrel center piece. Right now, it borders a mobile artillery unit / mbt, rather than conclusively, main battle tank.
    nutkin: Cool idea, but considering how much weaponry it has, it doesn't seem like it could hold all that ammunition. A slight larger body? Additional packs? Also, for the quad legged movement, the legs could use more work, slight more bulk and over all rendering. Lastly, I'm not sure if it feels like a tank. Seems more like a infiltrator/sapper/squad support unit.

    Last edited by IcyM; December 25th, 2007 at 03:45 PM. Reason: Didn't want to forget Nutkin's hardwork! :D
    Opinions and critiques always welcomed!

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    Thank you all guys! So many comments! Im happy to get so much response and critique..
    - I agree with everyone that i totally forgot to add a human figure in the pic.. xD
    - I also agree that i, again, totally forget about any kind of presentation! XD
    - Some guys say that its too "seen before".... well.. everyone has his own opinion.. I just have to say that i didnt copy anyone.. i didnt look at tanks before drawing this concept.. i didnt do anything.. just drew one little sketch of a tank, developed it and thats it..
    - w00t! i got 2 votes out of 38! what a success! xD
    - so did huhwhat win with his spidey-tank? oh well.. congratulations! Although.. i didnt like it all that much... i mean... why does it need to stand up like that? whats the point..? and doesnt it need Huge amount of energy to lift Such heavy turret?

    Once again, Thank you everyone who gave me any kind of comment and especially the ones who gave me their votes..! haha

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    Thanks all who took time to make all those comments. As usual, my biggest downfall is the flatness of my painting techniques, which I am working on, but lack. i did think when I added the grey turret version I saw that color version would have worked better (I think Hideyoshi pointed that out), but was out of time. I think the only way for me to improve this is take the comments I think I can do something with and redo it. didnt get time to jump into the next one due to Christmas and all that goes with it around my house. Thanx again and a nice round.


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    To whom kind enough to give their 2 cents to my sketch:

    YES! All of you are right. I couldn't find any spare time to carry the design to the further stage. So, it is stuck as a side view sketch

    And thanks again to yoitishi for putting the tank into the voting list, because that way I could find the opportunity to hear all those constructive critics.

    My vote went to Hideyoshi but please do forgive me because I did not write any long comments on every piece, hopefully next time.



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