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    EOW#74 Your neighbor’s Back yard

    EOW#74 Your neighbor’s Back yard

    The winner of the EOW# 73 Sculpture garden on the island of the absurd Is a tie between Yoitisi and Jove . Good job people it was a tough topic I guess

    For this Challenge we Had 5 images started, 5going to poll. So few of you brave enough to look at the actual world for inspiration. Well thankyou and I am proud ogf you all for making the effort, and maybe looking outside the box a little.

    New Round IS ON!
    EOW#75 Across the Abyss

    An urban dwellers backyard...
    EOW#74 Your neighbor’s Back yard

    EOW#74 Your neighbor’s Back yard

    The neighbor's backyard has a place in my memories as a quiet and timeless place. It has always been more or less the same,
    because no one was ever there or cared about it at all. Iv'e seen this environment in all the seasons,
    and though it isnt of any importance to anybody, it still prints a clear picture in your head.

    Note: The squirrel and the portal-ish place that its standing in are fictional

    And a thumb:
    EOW#74 Your neighbor’s Back yard


    EOW#74 Your neighbor’s Back yard
    I usualy travel in the trains that go by those railroads, though I have never noticed that set of stairs where i drew this. Once you're sitting on that same set of stairs, the first and very things you notice are the railroad and the trains... there are different trains.. When i listen to the sound of a carriage riding the line, i try to imagine what kind of train will apeear... I'm sure my neighbors can tell what kind of train that is, just by hearing it's sound.

    I live in Oporto at an apartment. My direct "neighbor's backyard" is my own front door so i got out and drew this from nearby neighbors. I was almost hit by seagull's shit while drawing this.. LOL! (i live near the river and the sea)


    EOW#74 Your neighbor’s Back yard


    FINAL image
    EOW#74 Your neighbor’s Back yard
    Here's my daughter walking through a path in my neighbors backyard. It leads out to the street behind our house. This was at sunset.

    EOW#74 Your neighbor’s Back yard


    My neighbour and me have more or less the same view of the backyard of our apartments block. So I just took a picture of what she sees watching out of her window...
    No time to paint the cars, sorry...

    EOW#74 Your neighbor’s Back yard

    EOW#74 Your neighbor’s Back yard
    To see the world in a grain of sand, and a heaven in a wildflower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand, and eternity in an hour.

    Sketch book

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    Blinckk, Grooveholmes, Lad, revenebo, White Rose, and yanimator thanks for the votes!

    Too bad there was such a small turnout for this one, but the new one should pack 'em in.

    Shera: It's difficult to really see yours well because of the blurry picture, but the composition is pretty static, and the colors seem flat. Work on your depth by using more linear and atmospheric perspective.

    Vix: I like this picture, but it looks more like a book illustration then an environment. It's very flat, but you do have some nice textures going on. I like how you did the tree top.

    Arbu: I probably would've voted for yours if had a more finished look to it. If you took this a little farther and cleaned it up some it would look pretty cool. Color would really make it nice.

    Revenebo: Yours is very cool. I especially like how you handled the fence on the street with the flat values. My only crit would be to get a little more texture and detail on the hedges up close.

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    hmm hard to choose between jfwalls or revenebo

    going with revenebo cause it looks just a lil bit better
    good work guys!

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    thank you guys that voted me till now =)

    jfwalls: photoshop crashed right when i was finishing a much more nicer coloring.. i didnt save the psd so i had to scan the sketch again and paint from the BEGGINING..... i got very mad and just wanted to finish it. my entry lacks the "finishing look" because of that :|

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    was close between revenebo and jfwalls. I think jfwalls piece gave more of a story to it, but there is something oddly captivating from revenebo's that you would not expect from this type of scenery (im glad you didnt paint the other cars, It gives it a kinda spooky 'empty' feel). This is why revenebo got my vote

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    I voted Arbu:
    I ve found in your image something fresh!

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    Thank you Jread. Actually that's my car, I had no time to paint all of them so I just painted mine...

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