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    P.o.w.! Begins...

    This is the official announcement that P.O.W.! is alive, and will begin operations between January 12 and January 16 in the Challenge area of the Activities Section. This time period was chosen specifically to miss the final chaos of the Medusa Challenge and LMS3.

    We will be doing (assumed at this point) three standard comic book pages a week as a challenge, in color or black and white. This is not going to be a walk in the park. It literally combines all the other challenges into one, with the same time limit--characters, creatures, environments, machines, and random chaos...AND you have to WRITE the sucker!

    You WILL sweat this one. You WILL enjoy it. You WILL screw up more often than you succeed. And you WILL NOT regret entering. You wanted comics...you're getting comics. Enjoy.

    For those of you who think you can't do this...look at that stupid logo above. If you can't do three lousy pages of art better than that piece of crap, well...you just might think about becoming plumbers or something...

    (For the record, if this makes it through the first month, we'll have a competition for a new logo/masthead for the section so we won't have to hang our head in shame every time we enter the section... )


    Davi will have the proper section up and cleared for us in a bit over a week. We have tentative rules and specifications that will be posted there as soon as it's open, and have already assembled a slew of ideas for the start up, with enough to continue for at least a couple of months.

    Over time, we will be adding tutorials, technical information on producing and printing comics, and even working methodologies from around the world.

    It would be stupid for llothcat and I to assume that this is going to succeed just because it's a cool idea. It IS a rough challenge, and definitely beyond tracing manga and game characters to show your friends. First off, after you create your characters, you have to actually write their dialogue, and it has to make sense. Many of you have probably never done that before, so this is where you'll find out whether you can pull it off or not.

    Here's where we need a bit of input--

    This is a Concept Arts Forum. Most of you are used to doing all the things that go into creating a comic, just separately, so most of this isn't all that strange to you. We will be presenting a "theme" or "idea" up front that you will use to execute your pages, just like in the other challenges. What we don't know is how much help our entrants will need with the writing end. We have three options...

    1. Throw the bastards to the wolves and let 'em work it out (My personal favorite, of course... )

    2. Present you with a "scenario" without dialogue to get you started--but we'd have to reach a consensus on how "complete" this scenario has to be.

    3. We come up with (or borrow from various appropriate sources we have on file) "pre-canned" dialogue. I personally don't like this one because I think it's too limiting in a creative sense.

    4. Do either two or all three above, but rotate them week to week. (Could be a pig to keep track of...)

    In addition, we know how difficult this will be, so to help out a bit, we're planning on releasing the "next" challenge information on the Wednesday before the "current" challenge ends at midnight Tuesday the following week. This means that all the challenges will overlap ONE FULL WEEK, giving you extra time to think about the next challenge while you're finishing the current one. You just couldn't submit any WIPs or art in the first week of the challenge, because that time would be needed for the challenge in progress.

    Basically, we have a weekly challenge with weekly deadlines, but they all overlap an extra week, giving you TWO weeks, in reality, to work on each challenge. This is being done primarily to give the entrants some extra time to come up with the writing for their award-winning extravaganzas...

    Now...any opinions, input, wise-assed comments, etc., put 'em here while we get the section up and running. (I'm referring to both the four writing approaches above and the overlapping challenges idea.)

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