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Thread: Herge's TinTin

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    Herge's TinTin

    Sorry if this topic has been done before.

    I was a big fan of TinTin books when I was a kid. Recently I bought the newly published TinTin books for my kids. Upon rereading these books, I'm more impressed with Herge on a different level. I noticed how absolutely accurate his drawings depict real life objects, people, culture. etc. For example, in "The Blue Lotus," his illustration of Chinese writings, street scenes were dead on. (I'm a Chinese).

    After some wikipedia 'n googling, I learned Herge spent great effort on making sure his drawings depict RL as accurately as they could.

    I have great appreciation for artists who put a lot of thoughts into their drawings, even though they're subtle.

    btw, am I the only one who's excited about the TinTin movie?!


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    I love tintin. Not surprising, as I'm european and I think Tintin and Asterix are just something that every european person knows well.

    I agree with you: the greatest thing about his style is just how real the locations look, it's simply amazing the amount of research the guy must have done. To contrast that, the faces of characters are pretty generic. I remember how much I loved those comics when I was a 10-15 year old boy, when I read one of them I just wanted to travel to peru, syldavia or the moon.

    There's a bunch of other artists from belgium who had this style, I don't know if they were copying him or whatever, but some of them are also great. Not as great as Tintin though. For example jacobs' adventures of blake and mortymer.

    I was disappointed to discover the political background of Herge, but anyways I have always liked his art and not his person. I mean, I dont think I would get on well with Van Gogh or Michelangello either. (This sentence reads strange to me, I'd appreciate if someone told me how to say this correctly)
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    Thumbs up TinTin!

    I agree, the style is fantastic. My girlfriend, also from China, once told me that TinTin books are very popular there. Favila, just change 'neither' to 'either'.

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