First time poster here, and I have a fairly odd request. I'm going on a 12 day vacation starting tomorrow, and I'm planning to take my graphics tablet with me and do some serious practicing. I don't know yet what I'm going to paint, though - so I could use a large number of reference images.

However, I'll be stuck at a place with a very slow dial-up connection, so I can't just browse the internet until I find something that suits my fancy (which would be my normal approach). So I'm looking for some sort of large stock image collections which are downloadable as zip files or in a similar format, since I simply don't have the time to download lots of images individually until I leave tomorrow.

They don't have to be centered on specific themes - if I already knew what kinds of images might be inspiring, I would download them directly - but I'd be especially interested in images connected to the following themes:

- architecture
- people
- landscapes
- animals

Does anyone know of such downloadable image collections?