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    Finally, something new.

    New finished project at last. Twas fun making it up as I go along the way while using these cheap office pens. And yes, I need to work on anatomy, but at least it's better than how it used to be a couple years ago.

    I haven't done any long-term projects in so long that I feel there is something lacking...nonetheless, I am proud of being able to get myself to draw again. Curious as to what kind of critiques it needs.

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    Mostly, I think I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be looking at. You say you need to work on anatomy, but frankly I don't see enough human bodies to comment at all. I can see suggestions of feet somewhere, a bit of silouhette (however you spell that word), and the arm and head of the lady, but honestly, it's not enough for me to give comments on.

    I think compositionally, the picture needs work. I'm thinking the lady with the long hair is the center point, but that was after gazing at it for a while, because it's the most detailed part (in the sense that I can see definable objects that I can relate to). But she's squashed to one side of the picture, and she's totally lost in the background, because the background is so busy and abstract, and they have roughly the same values.

    If this is supposed to be somekind of dream sequence, where a lot of abstract things are happening, then you have to play more with composition and lighting. Can't say much about the forms because they are all abstract.

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    uuuh.. strange..
    I agree with couchpotato that the composition needs some work.
    there's no real focus in the picture. not really any depth. the only thing is maybe that there seems to be a figure in the forground but it just as well could be a part of the squishiesquashie stuff dripping down from the girls scarf or whatever it is.
    some of your surreal elements are quite nice and that means something coming from me, since I don't really like surreal stuff. but the elements need to be put in eyther a more meaningfull context and/or a contrastier composition with more depth, dynamic and whatever else there is.
    yeah, I think thats the other thing that buggs me. if you're going to go ahead and do something as surreal as this (blasphemie *shudders* ) then I think you should really take advantage of the liberties you have and make it less static than it is right now.
    about anatomy.. the hand next to her face needs some work, but the hair is rendered very well. in general I think the rendering is quite good of whatever goo is flowing around in that 2-dimensional space your caracters are hanging in.
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    It's reallly neat and the shading and all that detail are quite impressive but it doesn't flow very well. I think you just have too much going on. Sometimes "less is more".

    Here's an artist who has what I feel is a similar style to what you're going for. Lot's of texture, characters and elements. Maybe this will give you some ideas on how you can edit down. Notice the way they use space.
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    You have some interesting textures and effects with the ball point pen. I think the main issue is that the image is very flat. The figure ground relationship is hard to read. I think something that would help would be thinking about creating depth by having less contrast in elements of the design you want to recede in space.

    Those elements can be in a more gray range and elements you want in front can have the darkest blacks. Something else to think about is elements in your drawing tend to stop at edges versus continuing a design behind another element and having it show up on the other side.

    Also thinking about how you want a viewer to move through your drawing can help. I think though the image has a lot of potential and I like that you thinking as much about what is happening around the figures versus focusing solely on them.

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