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    i like your sketchbook! Sweet!

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    Hello and good morning everyone!
    *brushes dust of sketchbook*

    Ahem, so I've been very inactive, almost been a darn year since my last update and I've hardly posted in the forums either. But today I felt the urge to come back! So I'm gonna dump some stuff here It's not a lot, sadly, considering the time.

    Btw, I quit Architecture for good and went instead to university here back home and started studying Linguistics. Yeah, not art, but the original idea was really just to have something to do while I ponder what my next step is. I am, however, kinda liking it in Linguistics so maybe I'll just finish that to get a degree (it's kinda important where I live), but I intend to keep drawing as before! I'm still very much into making art as my career, so uh, more on that later.

    Replies (old, but still)
    staticpen - Glad you liked the Companion Cube! And thanks for tips about the yoga instructor's mouth, I saw it after you mentioned it
    Wilko - Thank you! I really should start doing some proper painting again, though.
    The7Artist7 - Thanks so much for the lovely comment, man! I'm flattered! So sorry about the lack of updates, though...I'm gonna try to remedy this >_<
    sketcheth - Aw, thanks you Such a nice compliment! And oh yeah, Portal is awesome
    Flashback - Thank you
    Lav - Glad to be of help And thanks a lot for the kind words ^^
    Fumble - Aahh, thank you! You're too nice
    JailHouseRock2 - Updating right now, sir! Sorry how late though >_<
    Blueberry - Thank you! I'm flattered to hear you went through my sketchbook and liked it
    catukas - Thanks so much

    Let's just start off with a couple random sketches:
    Name:  indiani.jpg
Views: 821
Size:  110.7 KB Name:  randomgella.jpg
Views: 816
Size:  129.1 KB

    I wanted to experiment by inking traditionally and scanning that in and colouring digitally. However, I found my inking pens had kinda dried out and I only had 0.1 and 0.05 working :p So I didn't finish inking, but slapped a quick colour on the head though. Gotta buy new pens! And nevermind her weird headdress.
    Name:  egypt-prufa.jpg
Views: 829
Size:  312.7 KB Name:  egyptlol.jpg
Views: 815
Size:  130.9 KB

    Painted after a photo of fellow member Naomi Ningishzidda.
    Name:  naomi.jpg
Views: 808
Size:  67.1 KB

    Oh, I did a quick try at the cake from Portal XD Super simple.
    Name:  kakan-raw2.jpg
Views: 835
Size:  124.7 KB

    A piece I did last Halloween, sketch and finished.
    Name:  halloween10teikn2.jpg
Views: 953
Size:  251.0 KB Name:  halloween10.jpg
Views: 814
Size:  219.4 KB

    First a small study of a belly dancer and then an illustration which was based on it.
    Name:  magadansari.jpg
Views: 1883
Size:  43.5 KB Name:  arabian-nights.jpg
Views: 1067
Size:  259.3 KB

    My two best friends and I are Avatar: The Last Airbender nuts, so I drew the three of us as air nomads I finished their pictures, but I didn't like mine so I haven't finished it.

    Name:  asa-airbender.jpg
Views: 786
Size:  77.3 KB

    They, sketches and finished. And yes, the first one had her hair dyed like that! Although it's pink now...
    Name:  guggus-airbender-teikn.jpg
Views: 781
Size:  73.9 KB Name:  guggus-airbender.jpg
Views: 793
Size:  217.9 KB

    Name:  tota-airbender.jpg
Views: 825
Size:  78.2 KB Name:  tota-airbender1.jpg
Views: 804
Size:  223.8 KB

    And a piece I did somewhat recently. The lady is supposed to be part of the 'huldufólk' (en. 'hidden people'), a figure in Icelandic folklore and mythology. They're otherworldy and stuff! I did a lot of changes in the surroundings from the sketch and the final, just kinda changed it as I went along.

    Name:  huldukona-teikn2.jpg
Views: 796
Size:  244.8 KB
    Name:  huldukona.jpg
Views: 782
Size:  419.7 KB

    Aaand, a little silly bonus at the end! I was doing some tilt shift experiments recently, here are some of the results. All photos from my beloved home :p

    Name:  mini-hallgrimsk.jpg
Views: 785
Size:  174.1 KB Name:  mini-thingvell.jpg
Views: 765
Size:  380.9 KB
    Name:  mini-landslag.jpg
Views: 749
Size:  54.5 KB Name:  mini-laekjartorg.jpg
Views: 743
Size:  92.5 KB

    PHEW. Okay, all done!

    sketchbook / sketchblog / deviantart / facebook / twitter / e-mail

    "assiduus usus uni rei deditus et ingenium et artem saepe vincit" - cicero
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    These all look amazing, so full of energy and the photos look cute hehe.

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    Hey Meid!

    I love your stuff more and more and it's really awesome to come back and see what you are up to, I stopped by from time to time to stalk your work in here but now that I'm in internet-mood I thought about writing a comment

    btw, your pencilscetches and digital line-studies are much much much more dynamic than your polished linework! I think you witnessed that yourself, not that they are worse, I like the colors and the expression and design in them, I'm just saying that you could transfer the strong points of your scetches more into the finished piece. I think it's with the line-quality, overall your outlines all have the same thickness and colors, while the scetches are really varied and expressive. Why not color in the line sometime? Or make it thicker/thinner whatever. Might be something to experiment with.

    Anyways still a fan and its looking superb!

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    Wow I love your work its nice! xxx

    My sketchbook

    "We must do our very best with the time that is given to us!"
    "Tempus fugit, time flies when you've got so much to do in such little time!"
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    Excellent as always, and as for the huldufolk; I think you ought to look up Valkyrie Profile some time.

    The Louisianian Sketchbook You can Comment and Criticize if you want.
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    Louisianian artists thread If you're from or live in Louisiana, don't hesitate to post here.
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    aww what a shame to find this when it seems inactive?
    i very much enjoyed going through it

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    Wow... has it really been 3years since AsaB has posted in here... awww

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