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    You've been busy! I like this. I hope all is well with you and architorture hasn't dragged you down yet! One day soon we can trade buildings or sketches, what do you say?
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    Gooooood feel in those studies are good^^


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    I like your style. Your lines in a lot of your digital work are really fine. What canvas size do you work with before shrinking? That's not a bad thing just curious.
    I use MSPaint.

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    Hey there Asa! I see you really working on your portraits, as always and getting better with those angles and environments too! Wow! I just LOOVE your #483 post!!

    Keep rockin'
    Sketchbook - I really appreciate comments and critique, please visit!

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    Nice SB really funny

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    Hey everyone!

    Sorry about the long absence...yet again! I haven't been drawing a lot, but I'll share what I have.

    AvisNocturna - Thanks Nelé! Haha, glad you liked my silly superhero SP!
    IronFistGoon - Thanks for checking by and for the good advise I really must tackle the foundations more systematically, you're right, thanks for the reminder!
    Sekino - Hi Celeste! Thanks for the lovely comment! And yes, the TD entry was indeed about Idun and the Golden Apples It's such a fun myth, one of my faves.
    courtyard - Hey, long time no see! I hope you're still sticking around. I actually haven't shown my classmate the portrait I did of her, just forgot about it :/ I should, really! I didn't work more on the Anastasia one, but thanks for the excellent advise, will use in future pieces
    jatherip - Thanks a lot, man! Glad you like my silly comic-stuff!
    My57 - Thanks so much!
    Crass - Thanks you! Heh, yeah, I guess I'm able to do stuff out of my comfort (comic) zone, but it always takes more effort and time. I must do more studies!
    JailHouseRock2 - Hiii Matt! Thanks for the encouraging comment, always a pleasure to read! You'd love Russia, I'm sure, it's very stimulating visually!
    Farvus - Oh wow, thank you a ton for the insightful comment! Sorry how late I'm thanking you, but believe me, it has been read numerous times, it was incredibly helpful. I haven't been tackling enviros lately, however, but I intend to focus on them soon and I hope I can soak in all your excellent pointers! It all made so much sense, how you put it I feel all inspired!
    Sorknes - Thanks, Sork! I feel super glad to hear I've managed to inspire you in some way, really, that made me smile Thanks for the kind words!
    mike butkus - Thank you for stopping by and for the encouragement!
    Kfeeras - Thanks man, glad to meet a fellow MI fan! You liked my Guybrush? Yay, thanks! I intend to do more MI characters soon--in fact, there are sketches in this very post.
    Pigeonkill - Thanks for the good advise and comment. I actually didn't design the rhino character, only inked him, but it was helpful nonetheless!
    petitemistress - Thank you, miss Dina! Thanks, I'm glad you find my portraits expressive--I dunno what I do! Maybe exaggeration? Your comic style is plenty expressive to me, so I don't agree with you saying them being stiff!
    IanE - Hi Ian, thanks for stopping by! Sure, trading sketches sounds fun!
    Mischeviouslittleelf - Ooh, thank you! ^^ I muuust do more studies, though!
    Kaileighblue - Thanks so much! What canvas size on PS I use? It kinda depends on size of the piece, but I usually don't go under 3000px (both directions) in bigger pieces. For smaller it can be around 1500-2000
    BlackDelphin - Thank you! Eep, so glad you liked my latest update ^^
    andres333 - Thanks man!

    Random sketches:
    Attachment 826865Attachment 826868
    Attachment 826880Attachment 826869

    All hail mighty Nibru
    Attachment 826882

    I got on a Monkey Island kick when played the latest installment of MI4
    These are mostly LeChuck and Morgan LeFlay, but also some random pirate, who oddly is wearing Guybrush's outfit from MI2...
    Attachment 826871Attachment 826873Attachment 826875

    Totally forgot to post this, the first CHOW I've ever done! Didn't get many votes, but it was really fun, wanna do this more often!
    Attachment 826877

    And the progress, for those interested:
    Attachment 826878

    More CHOW, although I never finished this. Wanted to do "the seasons" as sort of retro animation-style girls with a limited colour palette.
    Only managed these silly sketches but a little progress was done on 'spring'. Maybe I'll finish these later.
    Attachment 826883
    Attachment 826884

    I totally missed Self Portrait Day, a real bummer However, a week or two earlier I had started on a SP and decided to finish it real quickly today.
    I shouldn't have used such a low-res webcam photo, it was hard getting into details.
    Attachment 826885

    Phew, I should do more frequent updates instead of having these huge updates monthly
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    sweetness, dude! yeah, you SHOULD update more often...but we'll take what we can get.

    no crits for now, you seem to be moving steadily on. cheers!

    more than (but i'm getting there)

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    Ooh! Asa updated again! And so varied work once more
    I really like how you sketch!! And the CHOW idea seems pretty good too. But i don't understand the background to well..should that be a bridge and a sort of river? Because in that case the angle is terribly wrong!

    Love how you draw all sort of characters and all sort of noses in particular! With base or not, whole or anime like..really cute.
    And the self portrait, well, better late then never, no?

    Post more often Asha!

    ps. thank you for visiting my sb and that glass drawing took in whole about 2hours, because i draw the highlights as i go, i don't use the kneaded eraser that much any more; my bone studies really helped me get the job done faster.

    pps. just noticed..isn't your ear a bit to down? take another look on your proportion perhaps
    Sketchbook - I really appreciate comments and critique, please visit!

    Danny_K Icecold

    "Good artists are the crappy artists who never gave up!!"

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    wow, I really like your your process of the girl with the bat. It is great to see the steps as you go through your work. I really like your palette used. I also really loved the girl with the water can. It has a very simple line structure, but it has a lot of life to it, and once again great colors. Fantastic self portrait.

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    Wonderful sketchbook! I really like how you draw your characters, it's great how you make them all so different from one another.
    Keep it up!

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    It's great to login in the site and see a great Asab update , been a while.

    Digging a lot what you have been doing lately. Nice brainstorming on the CHOWs and you really nailed in interpreting Nibru with your style. With the CHOW, I guess that the texture in the background is a little big distracting and prevents the character to pop out more and be a greater central point.
    With the self portrait, I think this is your best yet. Instantly recognizable. You can refinished it more if you try a similar pose in life as a reference for all the details.

    Hope to see more regular updates (looks who's talking, lol). Cheers
    Maestro Andres | CouchPotato | Mono2k5 | Sawa | 0shade0

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    I really like the self-portrait! really nice looking.
    My observational skills may be great but I said nothing about my drawing skills

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    nice updates in here - keep going

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    Hi AsaB, I love the self portrait you started, are you going to do more on it?? looking great and the CHOW looks really good too, I didn't see this CHOW or I would have voted for her, so cute!! Hi ASAB!!

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    I like your sketchbook, because it's cheerful

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