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    Hey guys!

    I forgot to mention it here, but I was on a week trip in Russia last week! St.Petersburg, to be exact It was so much fun! We had to bring a sketchbook, but unfortunately, I hardly used it at all. We never had the chance to sit down and sketch, always on the run.

    I've also been somewhat lazy in the SB department, so I'm gonna remedy that when I finish here and see what everyone else has been up to

    Pretty_Angel - Thanks hon! Yes, I actually understood your point regarding the SPs, I was just being silly XP
    Cacodaemonia - Thank you! Great crit on the TD image, thanks I had massive issues with the perspective, so it's great getting pointers like that!
    Bones Weep Tedium - Hey, thanks so much! Always nice hearing about new subscribers Glad you liked that lefran portrait, she has such an interesting face to draw!
    JailHouseRock2 - Hiii Matt! Thanks so much for the awsome comment, as always! You're just too kind! Ah yes, the TD lady's skin is a little pink, you're right. Skin tones and me haven't quite clicked yet! Working on it!

    I've been watching Carl Dobsky's perspective videos so much lately! Here's some proof, haha I juve love that grid, it's so pretty, just wanted to share my own!
    Attachment 785868

    Aaaalright, so let's start with actual art. Here are the few portrait sketches I did from Russia. Yeah, it's silly, I have no sketches from the city, just from my classmates! It was just this one evening where we went to a bar and suddenly everyone started sketching each other! So these aren't exactly my best work, drawn in a crowded, dim and noisy place. I had a few drinks as well, so that might've had some effects These were just a few minutes each.

    Attachment 785858Attachment 785861Attachment 785863
    Attachment 785862Attachment 785859

    A quick enviro...hardly worth showing.
    Attachment 785864

    Although this wasn't done in Russia, it's definitely related! It's a quick photo study of Anastasia Romanov. It was a fairly low-res picture, so it was hard to get into details. But it was fun!
    Attachment 785866

    And lastly, a painting I did of a classmate. I was so frustrating I couldn't get her right in the quick sketches above (this is her, on the right), so I decided to try again. As you can see, I didn't capture her at aaall in my first attempt. Spent a few hours on this one, tons of fun
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    I really likle the hair in the last colour portrait! Didn't take a look here for quite a while now, but there are really cool updates I missed! I especially like the first piece on this page, the expression looks awesome!
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    I like your sketchbook. You have a lot of variety and I can see a lot of improvement throughout. Your portraits are really great. I like your latest one that was done digitally. Continue to study anatomy, lighting, and perspective. I myself and doing the same. It is a battle, but it looks great. Keep it up.

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    Fantastic new entries, Asa!! Is your Thunderdome entry about Idun and the golden apples? (I love Norse myths!) It looks great.

    The portraits are amazing as well: The quick, line-based sketches have a lot of attitude and the digital paint one is lovely!

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    Hi AsaB!! Your trip sounds like it was a lot of fun. I'd love to go to Russia. Did you show that last image to your classmate? It's really well done...I'm sure she'll love it! I really like your quick sketches, too, particularly the one done in ink. In the Romanov image, right now the eye is being drawn to her bangs since that is the area of highest contrast and sharpest edges. If you feel like working on it a bit more, perhaps soften that area a little and try carrying some darker values down through the rest of her face to help make it more unified. The Dobsky videos are *amazing*...completely changed how I view perspective (as it were). Well done on your grid!

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    some real awesomeness in here i like this last comic-piece and the portraits

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    nice portrait study here. Also like your cartoony style you have.

    anyways keep posting.
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    You have a very cool style, but it was interesting to see you break from it with your latest portrait study, it shows that you have a wide skill set. Keep going, post more!

    My sketchbook is bigger than yours.
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    Haya Asa!
    Love the portraits You always put such great character and life into your faces, so good

    The digital studies and perspective work are good too, perspective.. that's something I've got to work on

    Fantastic work on this weeks CHOW as well!

    Glad you enjoyed your trip to Russia, One of the many places I want to visit
    Take care Asa,

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    yesterday, God came to me in a dream and told me that if I don't become a comic book artist, he has decreed that I shall instead be a burlesque dancer.
    And I said, "But God, nice panties are so expensive!"
    And he said, "Welp, I suppose you better shut up and draw."

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    Hey. I really like the ranger character designs. They all got interesting detail and arrangement of patterns.

    The environment looks great too. I like the mood. Here's what I think could improve it.

    Ása's drawing journal [March 17th-Update at last!]

    1. Try to avoid tangents in any composition. It can sometimes destroy the illusion of depth because when two objects stick to each other, it doesn't say which one is in front and which one is behind. In this case it's not a big problem because the tree still overlaps with lake in other place but I think making clear overlaps is a good habit in general.
    2. I'm sure this is the focal point of the whole composition. In order to make it stand out more I would try to make everything around that spot more quiet and reduce those bright spots only to that place. Look here - The white dots on the water are so clear to see because the rest of the waves are described with darker dots than average vale of water. These white spots are also very sharp.
    3. You could separate this triangular part of the land in the corner more from the rest to indicate it's foreground. Maybe some ground texture but softer than spots in the focal point. You could also try overall value of that part slightly darker than the darkest one in the middle-ground.
    4. You could use foreshortening in the shapes of the lake to indicate depth. More distant parts could be thinner and more horizontal. More distant edges of the lake could have less aggressive angles than close ones.
    5. I see a change in value of the tree line but the top of silhouettes don't show that well. I would emphasize the contrast of height here. This is actually key place for separating middle-ground and far background. I would also make that change not exactly in the middle (more to the left or right) for more visual interest.
    6. I don't know if this picture was painted from photo or imagination but reflection of trees on water would add some variety. There would be probably too much dark on the right though and not much on the left and the picture would be off balance. Adding smaller dark spots on the left could help then (or moving that closest dark tree)
    7. For variety you could play with edges of the lake. You could also try to tone this edge down a bit. The sharpness here competes a lot with the sharpness of the focal point. Those white lines at the edge of the water attract more attention than anything else because it's the highest value contrast. White against dark brown of the sand. This type of nature landscapes are all about different edges.
    8. For very distant trees try making them softer. Not as soft as clouds though.
    9. Look for dominant direction in stuff like grass but add enough variety to still make it feel natural. It has too similar edges and shapes to tree branches. Instead of drawing single blades you could organize all grass into single flat horizontal shape but with jagged softer edge at the top and sharper at the bottom.

    In general I recommend looking at some good old master landscape paintings to see how they use different edges, shapes, values to create believable scenes. Hope it helps .

    Keep going
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    Your classmate's portrait looks awsome, I love it!

    Also the ranger character was pretty neat, glad to see you posting the inking of the rhino's too!

    Keep going, glad to see you're getting some inspiration, you sure inspire me.
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    heyyyy 'm a big sucker for everything mokey island related and i really love your guybrush!

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    I like the safari ranger concepts. For the Rhino guy. I was thinking he could use a thicker neck. To fit his bulk and mass in power. Maybe something like this.
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    must ... have ... more...
    I love the expressiveness (?) of your portraits, how do you do that? mine are so stiff in comparison!

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