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    That tilt shift pic you did was awesome! You're a crazy person. Thank you so much for sharing your awesomeness

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    Great stuff! Sorry I've been away so long. Moving and what have you, you know?
    But yeah, really great sketches and heads coming in. See you around!

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    Your stuff is killer as usual, AsaB. I really like the girls with clothes from each country, its cute and informative at the same time!

    Always inspiring to see your works,
    Keep it up!

    PS: The legs don't look so bad.

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    Hey again!

    Oh my want to buy your sketching skills!

    Great as always, wish i could crit but there's trlu not much to, only thing that bothers me is that last one portrait Jasmine, she could have like 5 to 10 minutes more work on her.

    Best Wishes ~Ice

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    Alright AsaB

    I'm going to try and critique you as best as


    A) While your shapes are great and using them is equally great, all your figures seem stiff in terms of the underlying shapework. Maybe I would suggest to try studying some really flowing poses perhaps? Or even some studies off of they have many figures that you could try mimicing

    B) In the same vein, it looks like your linework is really crisp, but it seems to show that you are using really short strokes. Start using your whole arm as much as you can, even holding the pencil as far back as you can during the process. It might help to loosen you up to just scribble while holding your pencil this way for a little while?

    C) Your faces usually look great, but happen to notice that you have a hit-or-miss on the noses of your characters. Try doing a whole page perhaps of just them to really grasp the shapes that make up the nose?

    D) Try doing more random 'free-flowing' poses in your sketches. Perhaps doing about three pages of posemaniac studies before you start might help a bit (1hr-ish timelimit)?

    E) It's also very obvious that you want to get your improvement on your limbs. So ... DO EET

    F) Also as a side note: on coloring, try using 100% opacity initially. It will keep your coloring more stable methinks.


    Hope this stuff helps.
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    Howdy!! Nice stuff here!!! I loved those pages of heads!! I need to do more of those myself..Haha! Keep it up disney-esque stuff too!

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    It's cool to see a nice quantity of work Asab, good luck with the team chow !

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    Jasmine, is not looking like a happy camper. For some reason I laughed because of that.
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    I am so glad that you're updating again

    I really like your girls there, and you have a style that's really nice, I just have to say that I really, really enjoyed your girly thunderdome picture, it was great!
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    Hey everyone

    Again a month has passed :/ How do I do this..

    Well, replies!

    Pretty_Angel - Hey Sab! Haha, you now recognize my SP attempts? XD Isn't that a sign a do too many? Nah, I guess there's no such thing...and yes, I intend to try more portraits with the Manley/Zhanglu method!
    O-mie - Hi, glad to see you around Thanks for the nice comment!
    dierat - Thanks for the kind words! Yeah, I agree the girl with 'smoking pencil' (or whatever XP) is a bit unbalanced. I really need to practice grounding my characters.
    Kim_bot - Thanks a lot I know, I'm much more confident in my cartoon styles, I've been doing that for ages. I really should try to get that in my realism as well. As for the Avatar piece, it's all done in Photoshop CS3 with a Wacom Intuos3 tablet
    Hookswords - Thanks man, so glad you liked my tiltshift attempt Haha, you're the first to address the elephant in my SB...I am crazy! Good to get that out, haha!
    staticpen - Hey, there you are! Many thanks! Ah yes, you've been busy, so no need to apologize. I'll have to check your stuff out soon!
    Carbono - Aw, thanks so much! Yes, the little culture girlies are edutainment Info and art in one package! But thanks for mentioning the legs...I have zero confidence in that area.
    Icecold - You're too kind! Thanks so much And you're right, thanks, Jasmine definitely could've used some more work, especially the edges.
    Matte_Art - Whoooaaa, thanks SO much for the helpful advise! All of these points are dead on, I really need to systematically work on these. I'm gonna print the list to remind me! I need to have something that pushes me forward, and having a goal should definitely help So again, thank you!
    spoonfruit - Thanks so much! Yeah, I recommend doing the quick 2min head studies, helps a lot
    Lyno - Hey, thanks a lot, both for the compliment and encouragement
    Pigeonkill - Haha, I know, Jasmine looks like she ate a whole lemon tree, don't she?
    Sorknes - Hi Sork! Thanks, I def need to update more frequently, though. And shucks, thanks, so glad you liked my TD entry
    Ruivo - Hahaha, here you go XD

    Alright, first off is a silly SP--me as a superhero, with the power of omniscience! Don't ask...
    Attachment 770075

    And two quick portraits of the mighty pirate duo of Monkey Island, Elaine and Guybrush!
    Attachment 770073Attachment 770074

    A sketch commission I got from a girl from dA
    First is a quick PS sketch when I was nailing down the characters, and then actual tradtionally sketched piece.
    Attachment 770080
    Attachment 770091

    And then there was Team Chow! You can see our final results in the Poll thread over at the CHoW subforum.

    I designed the Ranger characters. First are some idea sketches, then the final portraits which were inked by Sekino and coloured by Pretty_Angel.
    Attachment 770083Attachment 770084
    Attachment 770079Attachment 770077

    The rhinos, inked by me. Designed by 3mMajster and coloured by Pretty_Angel
    Attachment 770093Attachment 770092

    And finally, my Girl Thunderdome entry.
    I spent much more time on the concept and composition, instead of the actual rendering. I started with a more painterly approach, but as I was short on time, I sacked that and ended up with my more familiar method--inking and cel-shading. I'm not too happy with that, but I was just not confident enough making a full painting in so little time.

    First off, thumbs and designing the character:
    Attachment 770085Attachment 770087
    Attachment 770089Attachment 770090

    Then my final sketch (along with shading studies) and then the final piece
    Attachment 770088Attachment 770072

    Phew! That's it for today then
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    Too many SPs? Naa! It's just more like "Yay, I recognize your face!" XD

    Anyways, nice update. I already know the most of them - except a couple of sketches. So not much left to say. Haha, the downside when you see each other at a couple of places.

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    Lots of great stuff in this update! I especially like the colors and composition in the very last image. Her arm is bothering me, though. It's too thin near the top of the upper arm, and too thick near the elbow, and I think the upper arm is just too long in general.

    Oh, I also really like this design. Still a few anatomical issues, but nothing some studies couldn't fix.
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    I just saw the portrait you did of leFran and then looked through your sketchbook - I really like your work, and shall be subscribing forthwith!

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    Wooonnnderful Update Asa!
    Love, love, love the pencil sketches!!!! Such awesome character, and your beautiful line and technique is so cool!

    Great tCHOW stuff as well, you and your team did so well!!

    ANd I really like your Thunderdome piece! But one thing that's bothering me is her skin tone, seems just a little to pink.

    And finally your sp. This is my fav! Love the style, the great warm colours, well done!

    Keep updating with gold Asa
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