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    Hi guys!

    Didn't mean to let 2 weeks pass, but I'm guilty of having spent too much time out in the sun lately So there's not a whole lot this time, but I figured I should throw what little I do have in here. Also, the girl TD is looming closer, so I'll probably be working loads on that soon and I obviously can't show the results until the TD is over (deadline July 26th). But I'll probaby squeeze some sketches inbetween

    Before I go to the replies, I noticed a few of you asked me to explain how I did the timed slidehow. So here we go:

    I downloaded a free program called CocoViewX (for Mac) but the PC equivalent would be either FastStone or IrfanView. Just save a bunch of heads (or whatever suits you) in one folder and then open said folder through the program. But before you start the slideshow, go to preferences where you can decide the time for each image. Somewhere between 100-120 sec is good, but you can have it even shorter (30-60secs) if you're studying gestures or the like. So voila! Homemade PoseManiacs! This method comes from nonie, by the way, thank her.

    Matte_Art - Thanks so much, buddy! Great tips and advise as always from you! I answered your question about the timed slideshow at the top, since a lot of you asked
    Nicky S - Thank you for stopping and by and for the lovely comment
    dierat - Ah yes, you're right, thanks. I should give Sekino's portrait a second try!
    jigje - Thanks! Haha, I'm everywhere? Well, I'm glad you found me at last and liked my stuff!
    AvisNocturna - Thanks Avis You're quite right about the farmer's daughter profile, it's not proportionally correct. I need to do more of these. And yes, please try the timed slideshow method, it's great fun and helpful.
    JailHouseRock2 - Hi Matt the Awesome! And thank you, as always, for your awesome reply! Yes, the enviro was from life, I need to do more like that, haha, it sucked xp An ortho for the farmer's daughter is a great idea. I need to explore her further
    Jakers - Thank you so much! I'm relieved to hear that you feel I'm doing things "correctly", I'm trying to be versatile, hopefully it'll work
    Grandmassa Mr. Spect - Why thank YOU, mister! Hahaha, I'm so glad you think it's all ROOOOCKING! We should go camping together!
    Mischeviouslittleelf - Thanks so much! Oh don't worry, I definitely need to hear that I'm doing too much Disney, I'm gonna take a break from it
    Ruivo - Thanks so much, man! You're right, I need to watch the proportions better, by far! And I answered the question about the slideshow at the top of the post
    Sekino - Hi and thank you! Yes, the timed heads are indeed scanned in the right order. You think they becomer looser and more confident as they go? Well, I certainly hope you're right, thanks again!
    courtyard - Thank you, you always leave such lovely and helpful comments. I need to explore that farm girl more, expect more of her in my next update (uh, not this one, sorry!), I'm glad you see potential in her
    XanaChama - Holy grail? Oooh, thank you!
    Pretty_Angel - Hi sweetie! Glad you're here! Thanks for the great comment. You're right, I need to do more timed heads, I hope they'll be here in the next update! I do have some somewhat fleshed-out stuff in this update
    kelly x - Whooo, Kelly! There you are! I never see you these days! Hope work isn't killing you, thanks for stopping by!
    Walid D - Hey, thanks for checking out my SB Glad you enjoyed the cartoon style! Heh, I'm actually trying to tone it somewhat down these days, hope you like some good ol'studies too!
    Sorknes - Thanks so much! I know, doesn't she just give you this instant Nordic vibe? That's what I was going for, glad you think so too! Ah yes, doing Emma's portrait was just a blast, hee hee, thanks a lot.
    BlackDelphin - Thanks a lot, very helpful comment regarding my colour. I absolutely need to step my game up there, thanks for reminding me. I do too many BW studies these days, can't forget the colour! Oh, and regarding heads. I did a lot of Loomis studies some months ago and I'm sure they benefitted me loads. Absolutely check these out. But I think the book that helped me most regarding drawing in general was "Drawing on the right side of the brain", it really opened my eyes regarding drawing from life. Check it out

    Well, here's the art. Like I said, it's not a lot, but I'm trying to keep update more often and regularly, even if it means smaller updates.

    Hehe. Yeah, sorry...more Disney-esque cartoony stuff. It's actually a character, Suki, from the awesome show Avatar Moving on...
    Attachment 724804

    Two PS sketches from head. Uh, not exactly feeling this right now. Got bored too quickly, but here they are anyway.
    Attachment 724807Attachment 724809

    On to the b/w photo studies! The first:
    This one took me ca.2 hours (so slow!). It was good fun and helpful, and it was especially hard because the lighting is so subtle, but I think I learned loads.
    Attachment 724806

    A second attempt at my dear boyfriend! This is much better, although the likeness isn't still 100%, but still so much better than the lousy first attempt. I was quicker making this one, however, around an hour.
    Attachment 724805

    And lastly! Here's a SP, took me probably several hours :/ You can see the original photo in my profile. So as you can see, the likeness isn't quite there. Actually it's sort of non-existant. But I had good fun, though. I think, for some reason, that it looks more like me in the closeup...? No?
    Attachment 724812Attachment 724813

    Okay, so that's it See you soon enough!
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    Hey Asab, great stuff since I last checked back . Improvement is visible so that's good. I would suggest, keep doing like your're doing right know .

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    You have really done some serious studies of the human head, keep it up!

    As for the sp, i think the likeness i pretty good. Anyways self portraits are a great exercise for practicing the forms of the human head, do more!
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    The last portrait is gorgeous, love the light in that one. I actually kind of like all the portraits in your last post, nice work!
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    NICE black and whites. I'm especially fond of how you rendered the shadow along your face (from the hat) and how in the portrait of your boyfriend, the lighter part of his face has no line to it. I just love it to pieces when people can let themselves do that, it looks so hawt.

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    Damn, nice work on the portraits.

    Don't worry about the likeness, that will come with more practice. But it looks like you, so just keep on working on them and they'll get even better

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    Hey Asa! Nice to see these new portraits. There's improvement over the last batch. That usually happens when you take your time and do longer studies. I agree with Nicky S, that with practice you will nailed the likeness more. Also, if you need the extra help, you could try using a grid on the ref and your study like a bargue study, in order to really observe the curves and proportions. Try it sometime perhaps. Keep at it!
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    Those portraits whip the llamas ass. Nice stuff!

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    Holy crap! I leave for a few days and all this happens! Wow! Those are some gorgeous portraits though really. I'm glad you revisited the portrait of your boyfriend. It has much more life and energy in the second go around. You know, I think that's what's coming across more and more in these is a certain amount of energy and confidence. Do continue! I look forward to seeing what more you produce! Thanks for the update!

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    Great work, Asers! I'm especially loving the value control in the shadows of your self portrait. I think it looks just like your photo. The 'Suki' drawing is great--good pose, lots of energy. My only crit in most of these is one you've already made yourself...just spending a bit more time on them would smooth out some of the 'problem' areas. You've made a great start with the head drawing from imagination--she looks like Audrey Hepburn.

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    Very nice head studies, your second attempt at shows a lot improvement already.
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    WOW!!! Awesome update Asa!
    Nice work on the imaginative stuff and the photo studies are great!! That self portrait is awesome! Really great capturing of the lighting. Now you make me want to work on more of my own!!
    Keep up the great work!!

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    Heya Ása, haven't stopped by in a long time now :o But it has been a pleasure to look through your latest updates! Your latest faces are really taking form, and looks great. Looking forward to the next update, keep it up

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    Yowza, been gettin' all crazy up in here since I last checked in .. exciting stuff! Let's see some more quick facial expression studies and more males! Chicks are great, but don't forget to change it up

    Doin' great -- keep at it!
    Look, see! Nifty art!

    Hey! Check out my blog here

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