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    The nymph painting looks wonderful.......I must say that the nymph is ma favorite of all your pieces..............

    Anyway, perhaps it's because you used light and shade really well in that piece, so it pops out much better....

    But some crit:the light on her right shoulder and left hand look a little weird. On the left hand, the light should come from up left of the picture, so the shade is

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    Ah update! Very cool my friend, you have quite a style, i like it! Keep it up!!

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    wow,these last are sooo good, really.And of course the last is simply awesome, clear,understandable,good colors and such.Sorry for not critique but i dont think i have to critique anything on this, and if i may do it will be the tiniest detail

    Keep up!!!

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    Excellent work and hi Asa B!!!!!!!!! Very flowing and just dreamie!

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    Great update Asa!!!
    Loving the fluid lines on the centaurs! Nice to see the nymph finalised, great work on her too!! I knew there was a great update to accompany that avatar change!!!

    Keep up the great work!!!

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    OMG Asa! I've been going through older pages looking at your character sketches in awe! why must you be so awesome? D:
    I'll be back... so keep at it!

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    As much as I love disney, I would like to see some life drawings and personal concepts in here, so GOGOGOGO!



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    Yo keep hustlin' Wiking-woman!

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    AsaB! It's been too long since I've last commented on your sketchbook.
    You imbue your character designs with such delicate linework and color
    Also, I love how you compose the characters with their linework in the
    background, very pleasing. Keep pushing your skills and I look forward
    to another update soon=D
    Sketchbook!! Please help me improve!

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    Hi!~ Dropping by- I just wanted to say I LOVE you're art. Its such a unique style and whatnot x3333. Illustration's definately gonna be your thing.

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    Asaaaa you do such pretty art.

    A few crits though... (funny thing is, DA brings out the fangirl in me and CA the crit o_O)

    I think Ariel's facial expression could be a little more lively, in terms of mischief, or contentment, or bliss. Try playing with the raising of eyebrows and curling of lips as I've seen some animators do, really gives your drawing that other level of fun.

    Btw I think that chibi piece of lefran is GREAT!! Ever thought of doing more of this?

    Like I said before, I heart your centaurettes. And can't wait to see more of them. Though I feel like the second one's facial proportion aren't as well laid-out as the first, like the nose and lips are leaning too much towards the chin.. but that's only a general feeling... for some reason. O_o

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    Hi guys!
    Yay, I'm updating and a month has not passed. Score

    alesoun - Thanks, ale! Yeah, I didn't like them spots either.
    dierat - Thanks for the excellent advise! Yes, I totally see what you mean about her more masc.arm, now it's the first thing I see. I might fix it! Same for the colours on the nymph, I should focus on that on my next piece
    comixnut - Thank you! So you liked the spots? Haha, well, maybe I'll make another nymph with spots!
    Sekino - Hi Celest and thanks! I'm glad you liked the lefran (And thanks for the cartoon me--I just posted yours there). I see now the nymph's eyes aren't quite aligned, thank you!
    ohnojenny - Hi and thanks for the nice comment! Hah, yeah, working for Disney used to be the dream but I have some different interests now. But who knows Wow, I'm glad you think my female figures are helpful, I'm flattered!
    Grandmassa Mr. Spect - THANK YOU!
    Eugie - Haha, thanks! Me working for Disney? Well, their style does seem to come rather naturally to me, so you never know!
    courtyard - You're too nice, thank you! It makes me smile knowing others find my art uplifting Great advise too, Eric does indeed seem to be looking at something else than Ariel's face...naughty boy
    Zilrion - Thanks! Here you go, a new update!
    JailHouseRock2 - Hi Matt and thanks for the great comments, you always make my day Yes, I know this is 100% my comfort zone, which is why I have some "uncomfortable" stuff in this update, I'm trying to break out It's just really relaxing doing the other kind!
    AvisNocturna - Hi Avis and thanks for commenting! I'm really glad you liked the Disney fanart and that you even felt compelled to watch Ariel again because of it!
    mike butkus - Aw wow, thank you. I'm really flattered you printed my little work out for your girls, it made me smile all day! I'm glad they enjoy them, it makes me feel accomplished.
    Pretty_Angel - Hi Sabrina! Thanks for commenting! No worries about not being a Disney nut, I'm just glad seeing you around.
    Aaron Death - Hi Aaron, thanks so much! I'm flattered you feel the nymph is my new personal best, hehe I actually rather agree, at least regarding my comic/cel-shaded work. I guess it's because I went a little gradient-crazy, it really makes it pop out. And damn, you're right, the shading is way off in that area. Gaahh!
    Ruivo - Why thank you! You're too nice!
    kingkostas - Thanks! It's ok not critting everything to pieces each time you comment, I do that a lot too Thanks for stopping by!
    XanaChama - Creative sprinkles, whee, thanks! They sure did their job as usual Thanks for being so nice, I'm feel glad hearing I make other people motivated or inspired. And thanks, I've actually been trying to find some freelance work but nothing so far :/ You're so lucky to have gotten "in" with someone, very handy. Thing is, the market over here for illustration is tiny. I think I have a better chance finding some freelance here on CA or through the Internet, but I'm still such a newbie in all this. I'll keep trying, though, thanks again!
    kelly x - Kellyyy, hi! Glad seeing you pop up, you've been such a bee lately! Hope to see you more around soon!
    MacTire - Thanks so much! Haha, yeah, I guess the avatar was a giveaway
    archipelago - Hey, thanks man!
    petitemistress - Aww, you rock Thank you for being awesome!
    Mischeviouslittleelf - Haha, thanks and you're right. I laid off Disney for this update!
    ~Faust~ - Aye, aye, will do, thanks
    KidApe - Hi, long time no see! Thanks for the nice comment I'm glad you liked the composed ink in the centaur's BG, it took me a while to think of something to put there, heh.
    Dreamyth - Oh, wow, thank you! I'm flattered you'd think so. I'm trying my best, so maybe illustration will end up being my thing
    xinleh - Hiii! And thanks for the awesome and long comment Yeah, I need to work on expressions, definitely! Oh, and the style I did lefran in is something that I really consider "my" thing, it's something I've done a lot during the years, but I haven't really developed it further..but there's another one in that style now And you have a point regarding that centaur's face...hmm, I must focus!

    Anyway, ooon to today's stuff:

    Let's just start with this awkward enviro I did last weekend--I was camping and this was the view from our tent:
    Attachment 712466

    Remember that farmer's daughter speedie I did a while back? I really want to take her further, so I did some exploring...
    Attachment 712456 Attachment 712459

    I kinda liked the profile one, closest to how I imagine her, so I slapped some quick colour on her :p
    Attachment 712454

    I followed nonie's advise and saved a bunch of different heads and expressions and put them on a timed slideshow! These are on 100 secs, since the program doesn't allow more. I was hoping to put it on 120sec like nonie, but I guess it'll have to do. These were really hard, lots of failure (as noted), so I intend to do loads more.
    Attachment 712467
    Attachment 712468

    And even more heads! I drew these actually from some beautiful sketches I found someplace on CA...damn, I can't remember who drew them, though. I think I gave up too early on these, it was frustrated not managed those subtle strokes with Photoshop. Next time I'll go trad!
    Attachment 712463Attachment 712464Attachment 712465

    Ok, some more portraits of lovely CA members! These are guggemmaneuver, Sekino and KatFay I did gugge in that same style as lefran, while I tried for a slightly more realistic style on the other too--capturing their likeness, that is.
    Attachment 712440Attachment 712445Attachment 712443

    Lastly! Spent about an hour on this. Tried my best to draw my boyfriend from a photo...didn't go too well, he's cuter than this I think this is a great way of learning, though, I'll definitely continue doing this! Great fun, too.
    Attachment 712452
    sketchbook / sketchblog / deviantart / facebook / twitter / e-mail

    "assiduus usus uni rei deditus et ingenium et artem saepe vincit" - cicero

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    Oooohhh beautiful heads!

    I never thought about that... timed slideshow! Is there an easy way to do it?
    Or did you have to have a program to do it?

    Anyway... The farmer's daughter, I actually think the front view is the best looking one of those, plus you slapped some rendering on them!

    The head studies are a really interesting way to practice! I might try that asap!

    I also adore the folks you've drawn from the WDYLL thread

    As far as the boyfriend shot goes, I think the reason it looks odd is that you didnt follow rules for proportion on his face. Keep working at it! You'll get it in no toime!

    Have fun AsaB, cya later
    My Bloggins

    Mat Kaminski's Sketchbook

    Sketchbooks love Critiques, give a crit, get a crit! (tm)

    || SSG -- Riley Stark | Ian Barker | Damien Levs | triggerpigking ||


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    Nice work, I really like the quick faces in the last post, they show character while using only a minimum of lines. Quite some improvement you've made since the beginning of your thread.

    Keep it up!

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