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    So glad you updated! The faces in your sketches have a lot of character, keep that going! Wonderful inking too...what is your choice program for inking, may I ask?

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    I can't believe there's been another month already! Goddamnit.

    But before I go to replies and art, here's a shameless plug if you don't mind.
    Being unemployed is hurting my financial status quite a bit, so I opened up for commissions. Details here. If you or someone you know would like a little piece from me, please send me a PM. Thank you!

    Anyway, off to replies!
    Grandmassa Mr. Spect - Thank you, sir! I try my very best to put on a good show for y'all
    Maestro Andres - Thanks, Maestro! I looked into that neck/shoulder thing you mentioned but I guess my anatomy knowledge didn't allow me to see it! I need to do more studies And thanks, I somehow do adopt well to the Disney style, that's true.
    MacTire - Thanks so much! I tweaked the hand a bit, hope it's wee better. And I'm glad you like my Disney stuff, it's so much fun to do!
    Aaron Death - And again, I FINALLY update! Haha, thanks man! And dude, have I gotten that before--that faces I draw look like me. I don't see it at aaall but everyone keeps saying that! Must broaden my studies! And yep, some creature studies is a good idea, thanks.
    comixnut - Thank you! I'm flattered you like it so much!
    kelly x - Helloo kelly! Thanks for your wonderful comments, you're the coolest!
    JailHouseRock2 - Hi Matt and thanks for everything Hee, another one who think my faces look like me? Dangit, I need to work on this! But you were right about the spots on the nymph (not fairy ), I was unsure about it and I'm glad others agreed. Spots were promptly removed!
    Smarty - Hi and thanks You had some great advise regarding the footing of my figures. I don't spend nearly as much time on the bottom half, so I need to work on that!
    xinleh - Thaaankk you! ^^ Yeah, it was forever earlier, yet another month managed to pass by. Grr. Thanks for your kind words!
    Ruivo - I'm updating, I'm updating XD Haha, thanks for all the pushing, I needed that!
    purb36 - Thank you, you're always too kind and supportive, I really appreciate it
    XanaChama - Seriously, what do you put in those creative sprinkles and can I have some more? They're apparently doing wonders for me! Haha, thanks for all your awesome support I think I might go for the Newborn challenge, but the Girl TD is my top priority. Maybe both!
    NoHopeGoat - Glad you liked what you see upon the stumbling! Thank you!
    ~Faust~ - Faust, thanks for dropping by at last! I've definitely taken your advise to the max, been nonstop drawing lately and it has helped me so much.
    Pigeonkill - Nah, really, it was a great joke, fantastic! Thanks!
    catukas - Thank you, I will!
    Brashen - Thanks man! New expressions = check. Very, very good idea.
    Sekino - Hi! Glad to see you here Thanks for the support!
    Icecold - Oof, out of any one-comment-compliments, you gave me the best word! Thanks man!
    Sorknes - Thank you, Sork. I'm glad you liked the nymph so much! It's ready at last!
    kingkostas - Thanks a lot, glad you think so ^^
    ohnojenny - Hey, you're back, welcome! Glad you decided to swing by Thanks for your flattering comment, aww, I'm blushing!
    biggjoee5790 - Thanks a lot! You know, with practice and determination, you're bound to get where you want to drawing. Keep believing!
    sketcheth - Thanks so much, I'm flattered Ah, I just use Photoshop CS3 for inking. And nothing fancy, just regular hard round and my trusty Wacom. I usually use 5pt for more comic (sometimes even 7pt) but usually 3pt for delicate stuff. Hope that helped!

    Okay then!
    Oddly enough, I don't have any sketches to show this time. However, I bring you some finished pieces! Here ya go

    First off, a silly little chibi piece I made of lefran from that draw-other-CA-members thread
    Attachment 706711

    Then the Disney collab I told you about! First is the finished piece with her colours, and then just my ink.
    Attachment 706712Attachment 706713

    And theeen..heh, I watched Fantasia recently and fell in love again with the centaurs. I adored them as a kid, the blue one was always my fave. So I first did a little sketch of her, which led into a full-blown illustration. And then another one
    Attachment 706714
    Attachment 706715 Attachment 706716

    And lastly, here's my finished nymph picture I did a complete revamp, ditched the spots and changed the colour scheme. Hope you guys like!
    Attachment 706717

    And, (as you may have noticed) I've changed my avatar. In 2 days, my little purple witch will be one year old, so I thought it was only fitting to do some changes
    sketchbook / sketchblog / deviantart / facebook / twitter / e-mail

    "assiduus usus uni rei deditus et ingenium et artem saepe vincit" - cicero

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    Sweet sketches, Asa! I prefer the nymph without the spots; they were a bit distracting.

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    O noes, not the Fantasia centaurs! Somehow they've managed to follow me every step of the way! My favorite was always the one that the cherubs put the birds on. It was just so graceful and fitting. Anyway, for some small crits, the lower hand on the red centaur could be more feminine; the lines describing her upper hand are so graceful that her other hand feels a bit chubby by comparison. The nymph is great, especially her face. I do wish there was a little more variation in the color though. The figure is green, the wings are pink, and the background is blue. If you could incorporate some subtle color gradients in shadows on the figure to suggest reflected color, I think that would help the piece feel more unified. Keep up the good work!

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    i think i liked her more with the spot me thinks. Somehow it gave her a distinct personality. To my eyes i mean. But the finishing is very nice indeed. What dierat says makes sense too about the colours. Thanks for the new post!
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    That cartoon of LeFran totally rocks! I hunted down her pic and you did a fantastic job with the likeness. I saw that thread (draw other CA members) a couple of months ago and completely forgot about it... Can I 'cartoonify' you too (so I can break the ice)?

    I like those Disney centaurs as well: You captured the 'Fantasia' look very acurately with the solid yet soft colours. The nymph is awesome, too; the glow at the bottom is well done (Only small crit is that her right eye seems a wee bit high).

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    Aaah, your work is always refreshing and candy for my eyes. You plan to ever work for Disney studios? Because I know they only hire if you're willing to draw within their style.
    I really need to get to watching the Fantasias again -- I barely remember the centaur piece you've fanarted. But I do remember the nymph. I love her hair! It's has so much volume, great form, and great job with the anatomy on all works. Your work can help me to get down the female form, for some reason I'm having some difficulties in that department. :3

    And yeah, glad I'm back, too!

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    Lovely drawings, do you plan to work for Disney? You'd be a great fit.

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    I think I just need to go to your sketchbook from now on whenever I need an instant injection of cheer. It's so clear how much fun you had putting this update together. I especially love the centaurs and the reworked nymph...beautiful work! Tiny crits...our boy Eric doesn't quite look like he's making eye contact with Ariel, and the anatomy of the lower part of her left arm looks slightly off to me. Minor though. Thanks so much for posting...

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    Love the nymph, it looks so good now! Keep on, looking forward to see more

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    Great update as always Asa!
    You know I love Frans pic, and the Disney collab looks wonderful! (tho I agree with courtyard about the eye contact thing)

    And these centaurs are great too. Nice use of simple colour and line!

    And the finished nymph looks awesome! So pleased you took away the spots, really highlights the shading and light, great job!!

    You seem really very strong with this sort of work. But I think it would be great if you could challenge your self too. Or even just to something different, maybe sketch out some still lifes of an evio. Just keep it interesting, and have fun!!

    Thanks for all your support in my sb too, it really means a lot.
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    And I said, "But God, nice panties are so expensive!"
    And he said, "Welp, I suppose you better shut up and draw."

    SketchBook (updated)

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    I always think I'd already have posted here, but obiously I just looked and didn't post. Anyways, what I wanted to say: You made me watch Arielle again! That was pretty cool, and I really like your Fanart. I also really like the centaur girls, especially the red one, the mood in these is just great and I like the lines and colours.
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    Charming and fun! I had to print them out for my little girls, they loved it too. wonderful paintings.

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    Hey Asa! (sorry for the late post!)

    Glad to see you painting again! I must admit I was never much into Disney so I can't say much about the fanarts. But I love your nympf!

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