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    learning anatomy

    i wouldn't call myself a beginner in drawing, but a couple of days ago i noticed that i basically have no idea of real human anatomy, haha...
    i kind of always told myself that memorizing all bones and muscles isn't that necessery. but if i think about it... damn, it IS necessary XD !
    after all, i can either look for reference pics every time i have to draw a complicated posture or take the time to finally learn real anatomy (or do neither and end up with shiet).

    the plan is to learn anatomy step by step.
    so i'll start with the skeletton and first comes the skull:
    learning anatomy
    i used a photo to make a reference drawing of the skull first. in order to better understand the proportions i tried to seperate it in sections, about five vertically and four horizontally.
    without a doubt i messed up, because it looks too elongated...
    the four pictures on the bottom left i tried drawing w/out reference afterwards and the one in the lower left corner was drawn with an other reference.

    then i looked for more references and made more sketches, some with and others w/out looking:
    learning anatomy
    i'm quite happy with the last one, but i looked a little at a ref...

    now i tried to draw some more on the pc:
    learning anatomy
    for some reason they ended up a bit "compressed" XD
    and i think the set of teeth is proportionally too small...

    anyways, i would be happy if you guys could point out mistakes i tended to make and every kind of advice is welcome.
    just as welcome are links and references you may know/ have =D !
    i aim for as much realism as possible, so feel free to point out even small mistakes.

    thanks in advance!

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    The bottom ones look nice, the top ones arent bad but they look a bit "skinny" instead of wide. Keep at it though, you're doing fine!

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    yeah, for some reason i made the first pictures really too elongated XD . that shall not happen from now on!

    i did some more sketches from different viewpoints. the ones marked with "ref" have been drawn by reference. the other ones are drawn with a little bit of looking or none (in which case they look sucky, ahaha...)
    i have a bit of trouble finding good and clear refs, so the ones that are marked "bad" are probably not quite correct...
    learning anatomy
    learning anatomy

    for these i used some great references from the anatomy atlas. if i'll be able to draw them as good as these w/out refs i'll be content XD .
    learning anatomy

    some more sketches, the three on the right are w/out reference. hmm, still many mistakes.
    learning anatomy

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    I'm seeing some nice work. Only suggestion I have is trying sketches of the skull from behind, above, and below. Right now it looks like you're mostly focusing on front, side, and 3/4 views. Keep at it!
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