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Thread: Who needs an agent?!

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    Lightbulb Who needs an agent?!

    HI! Just a note to all of you out there searching for that perfect fit. Sometimes finding some one to do the scouting for you can be a huge help. For those of you not familiar with a client/agent relationship, agents do the foot work, you do the "job". Many agents, such as myself do not charge by the hour, but work off comission. this is usually a 30/70% break (with you receiving the 70%, of course.)

    In addition, your agent can handle your contracting, prospecting, and invoicing, allowing you to do what you do best!!

    Sound good?

    My firm is taking on five new clients this fall (the deadline is Oct. 3, 2003). I am looking for talent in all areas: 3D, 2D, VFX, graphic design, and concept art. If you are interested in turning over a new leaf, contact:

    MIA Marketing
    Monika Weigand (President)

    Please do not attach files. Instead paste pics and resume to the body of the email, and add any useful info such as websites or other links.
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    soon to be well know artist seeking work.

    hi my name is chris zarichansky i am a pittsburgh gallery artist.
    and i am making my way into video games.
    and hopefully every thing else, with some help i currently am making a game with nintendo .
    i hope on the wii if it happens i will get world wide fame i seek a agent right now to get me some jobs!
    i want to break ninto games tshirts comics you name it.
    if i will sell something i will be able to sell doing almost anything i do here is some links you might like.
    Get a sneak peek of the all-new
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