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  • Merl1n

    4 9.76%
  • Yoitisi

    14 34.15%
  • Kiera Chan

    0 0%
  • IwantJelly

    0 0%
  • Lynus

    0 0%
  • PutridusCor

    6 14.63%
  • Revenebo

    0 0%
  • Jove

    13 31.71%
  • JFWalls

    4 9.76%
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    EOW#73 Sculpture Garden on the Island of the Absurd POLL

    EOW#73 Sculpture Garden on the Island of the Absurd POLL

    The winner of the EOW# 72 The Cathedral of Lilith was Rayk. Congratulations

    For this Challenge we Had 12 images started, 8 going to poll. 3WIPS Several first time entries, several returning past winners. Great round

    New Round IS ON!
    EOW#74 Real World: Your Neighbors Backyard

    Timothee- WIP

    EOW#73 Sculpture Garden on the Island of the Absurd POLL

    bc: 60 years ago, this island used to be home of a religious fanatic. One day he abadoned all his statues and just disappeard... A rumour says, that he died of hearth attack, when walking along his garden and his staues, because they loved him, burried him on the top of the hill under the statue of archangel...


    EOW#73 Sculpture Garden on the Island of the Absurd POLL

    Gardens of the Running Man
    After the dimensional gaters where opened, this weird little plane in a backyard dimension hardly stable enough to build on was discovered. The island is surrounded by a lake which ends in nothingness. Sail or swimm to far from the coast and you fall over an edge. The statues in this garden paradise all give the strange feeling that the are running from or to something yet unknown. Frozen in their movement, these statues look almost human was it not for the absurd proportions and shapes.
    This little paradise, unspoiled by modern machinery like the steampowered locomotives and petrol powered cars, is now used a holiday destination for the rich upper class of society.


    EOW#73 Sculpture Garden on the Island of the Absurd POLL

    Rinoculous was the center of power and knowledge for many thousands of years before the dawn of humanity. It's residents were the inventors of grand technology which would later be discovered and claimed by the thieving humans. But despite the Rinoculians power, their city began to crumble and so to did the morality of its inhabitants. Civil war broke out, nearly obliterating the Rinoculians entirely. The survivors fled the planet in search of new life, leaving behind some of their offspring to watch and wait for the time to rise and take power once more....


    EOW#73 Sculpture Garden on the Island of the Absurd POLL

    "Deep into the furthest regions of the frozen sea, lies some strange structures emerging from the water. Made from an unknown and undestructible material, these walls are always warm to the touch as if an everflowing energy radiated from the heart of the massive city. Nobody has ever discovered neither the purpous, nor the origin of this strange place, and it is so huge and inhuman that mariners called it island of the absurd.

    In the east side of the island is the garden of sculpture, a set of structures of more human proportions that are lined as a grid. Lately, a confrery of monks settled there. They walk among the inhuman sculptures, admiring their perfect shapes and meditating."

    Shardana- WIP



    EOW#73 Sculpture Garden on the Island of the Absurd POLL

    Treasure hunters journal= entry 21- "Well, I've been out here on this absurd island with strange statues. I have dug up practically the whole island and still nothing... I have eaten the last of my food rations. Today I was forced to devour a turtle. It was awful. And the worst of it is a goddamned parrot is drinking all my beer...."

    EOW#73 Sculpture Garden on the Island of the Absurd POLL

    Loki The Wizard of Lies endulged himself with a beautiful landscape, and filled it with images that evoke frantic action and mockery at the same time, naming the place "the Island of the Absurd". This garden the most attractive place in the Island, and is tought to have been Loki's favorite hiding place from the wrath of both Odin and his fellow gods.

    EOW#73 Sculpture Garden on the Island of the Absurd POLL

    Marked as insane and exiled from Rapa Nui, the inhabitants of Rapa Nel ("Island/rock of the Fools") kept on builiding Moai's their own way...


    EOW#73 Sculpture Garden on the Island of the Absurd POLL


    EOW#73 Sculpture Garden on the Island of the Absurd POLL

    Not only were the monolithic sculptures ridiculous, but the garden was also absurdly large. It took days just to walk from one side to the other, and even though the Major had dropped me off at the farting statue, I wouldn't be able to make it to the Great Bull of Ludiocracy until sometime tomorrow. At least I would have some time to spend at F*#$ You Hill and Ass Mound Valley.
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    Nice work everyone and very fun topic Chaos!

    I was really torn between Merl1n and Jove on this one, particularly due to Jove's presentation. Which goes to show you again how important a strong presentation is. In the end I think Merl1n's piece spoke more to me though so I had to go with it. The loose lines were really aided by that beautiful diffused light, making it seem far more realistic than it would have otherwise. I love the palette and the watercolor-like application. On crit I'd have to say that maybe thinning down some of those thick sketchy strokes might help give make it a bit more realistic even if kept in a loose concept stage. Beautiful imagery regardless though.

    I'm a bit critiqued-out right now so forgive me if I keep it to that for the time being. Gotta get back to designing a bit.

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    Sorry I missed this one - this would have been all kinds of fun. A little baffled as to why it didn't have a stronger turn out...

    Voted for Yoitisi

    I will try to crit later after I get home from work.


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    It seems rather quiet in here...time for some comments I guess:

    Merl1n: As far as the link to the topic goes, the garden, island and statue part are all there. What I'm kind of missing here is the absurd part, in my mind the most important part of this topic. It also looks a bit unfinished to me as well. In places the brushstrokes work well to suggest shape and color with a minimum of effort, but in other places it just doesn't really work all that strong. I'm also missing a sort of foreground with a little more detail and contrast.

    Kiera-chan: In your entry I'm actually missing even more of the given brief. I can't really find the 'absurd' aspect, but there's no real garden either in my opinion. The execution could have been much better if you'd painted over your linework I think, and working with reference might help you fill in details and textures.

    Iwantjelly: All the aspects of the topic are present, but it really needs the description to make it clear to the viewer. I always try to put all the aspects of the topic clearly into my entry, so people don't need the description to find the links to the topic, as this makes it a stronger entry in my opinion. The image itself works quite well, there really is a sense of depth through atmospheric perspective. Some more detail would've made it stronger though, as well as some foreground elements like a statue or walkway up close.

    Lynus: Not so sure about the 'garden' part here. Also, it's blurry in places you wouldn't expect (foreground and background alike) and the saturated colors in the background make it look a little flat overall. Some more detail, sharpness and darker/more saturated colors in the foreground elements would've given it more depth.

    PutridusCor: I like the concept and statues in your piece , although I'm not such a fan of the almost monochromatic color palette. Again, to create some more depth some elements with more contrast and more detailing in the foreground would've helped. Also, the big circular plateau is a little bit at an angle to the ground as the elips isn't horizontal.

    Revenebo: I think the idea behind this concept is very cool, but it could've been much better if you'd spend a little more time on the execution I think. The overall lack of detail and contrast weaken the concept. I suggest you read my comments above, as I'm repeating myself .

    Jove: At first glance I quite liked your entry, but I got the impression the statues were added as an afterthought. Also the lightning strikes don't really work for me here as the distract the attention quite strongly while at the same time are the weakest point in your image I think, especially in the background.

    JFWalls: You got my vote I really liked the absurd element of the image, and the execution of the idea is great. A little more sharpness in places would've made it even stronger, and the face of the head looks a bit..well.. weird (which actually fits the topic), but apart from that it really works well for me.
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    yoitisi : thanks for the comment, I know I'm nearly off-topic with that one, I tried to have a different approach, but a more inside look of the garden would have made my image a lot more appealing. And my pic misses details, and vegetation.

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    yoitisi: Thanks for your coment
    I try!! I try!! the images with perspective and depth are still a little difficult for me. I will focus on that next time if the concept allows me.
    And..... I have something to confess....

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    Yoitisi gets my vote. Why? Because it fits the description to
    a "Q" and the art is not to shabby either. In fact it was amazing!

    The competitors would be JFWalls and Jove.
    I like Jove's art style. Very clear and vibrant.
    JFWall on the other hand had a great idea and
    the only flaw I could detect was it didn't seem
    like an Island. Love the cow and the lighting...

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    PutridusCor you have my vote. I love the statues in your piece. While the perspective is off in some places, I think you had the most absurd and creative statues.

    And yoitisi thank you for the comment. I really have never done much landscape or cityscape at all. And I'm really new at digital art, so I'm farting around trying to see what works best.
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    Yoitisi all the way. Great colors and like the verticle composition, gives powerful sense of the scale to the statues, and the lines they make automatically lead my focus to the open area with the hedge mazes, and then i continue to meander farther along the hilltops to the horizon and then to the moons pulling my gaze upward and right back to the outstretched hand of the primary statue, to begin my leisurely trip through the garden anew. Simply splendid!
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