Need help finding a book

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    Question Need help finding a book

    Hey guys maybe you can help me.
    I'm searching for a book I've only seen once and the owner wouldn't sell it to me.
    So I don't know the title or the author. Big help right?

    It was an art technique book. about using animal characteristics to create human faces that would create a back-of-the-brain response in your viewer. For example: you're drawing a character that can't be trusted and is dangerous, so you use a snake's face.

    At the top of each page was a black & white pencil drawing of an animal, with a write-up of the characteristics of that animal. Then there were rows of images where the animal was slowly morphed into a human. So in the middle rows you had these Star Trek/Wars aliens or Island of Dr. Moreau looking guys. At the end you had very human faces with subtle animal characteristics.

    Please tell me that somebody here knows of this book. I've only run into one person who knew what I was talking about and he didn't remember names. I've done google searches and searches through book stores and have come up empty.


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    I've never heard of that book before. Although, the theme of the book you're explaining here isn't hard to practice IF that is your intention with such a book.
    While I would not mind taking a look at that myself (sounds interesting) simple human facial ref' combined with animal ref' both real-life and art, the best really.

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