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  1. Old and new stuff

    Finally found time to update this thing.

    These is from my advanced drawing class the 2nd go around. We weren't allowed to actually render our drawings, just to use contour line to show form.

    The first two are comics demonstrating how to tie a show and to make a pb & j sandwich to a ESL person.

    Attachment 701969

    Attachment 701971

    This was an in-class assignment of drawing a classmate and making a scene from that.

    Attachment 701967

    This was to draw yourself as a robot.

    Name:  robot.jpg
Views: 195
Size:  209.0 KB

    An interaction w/ my prof, that's me in rags and my prof as the genie.

    Name:  interaction.jpg
Views: 196
Size:  153.1 KB

    Our death scene

    Name:  death scene.jpg
Views: 194
Size:  166.5 KB

    A tree

    Attachment 701972
    And my final a simple landscape.

    Name:  final.jpg
Views: 195
Size:  141.1 KB

    And these are from my painting class. The first three are acrylic while the rest are watercolor.


    Name:  first painting.jpg
Views: 212
Size:  115.5 KB

    This is a lamp w/ a flashlight btw.

    Name:  monochromatic.jpg
Views: 192
Size:  181.8 KB

    Name:  teddy bear.jpg
Views: 191
Size:  212.1 KB

    Air-ship, also my very first water-color painting.

    Name:  airship.jpg
Views: 197
Size:  178.5 KB

    Name:  still-life 3.jpg
Views: 191
Size:  210.3 KB

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    Final for my Digital Ink and Paint class. We had to tell a story in four panels in four different styles.

    Name:  hermand the leaf.jpg
Views: 179
Size:  51.3 KB

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    Cool SB I like your characters! Keep it up your showing a lot of progress.

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  5. Something new! Though just a sketch right now, super rusty.

    Name:  NORI SKETCH1.jpg
Views: 182
Size:  36.6 KB

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    Your studies are looking good; I really like the four panel / different styles idea.
    It would be cool to see more of those I think.

    The figure's pose here could be so many things,
    so I can't wait to see where you go with it
    (if you are planning on developing it that is).

    Keep up the good work

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  7. Thanks Jeremy! Forgot about that sketch. I might revisit since I have more anatomy knowledge now.

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  8. 3/31/11

    From old to new:

    Name:  sketch3.jpg
Views: 150
Size:  36.6 KB

    Name:  mershark2.jpg
Views: 147
Size:  31.3 KB

    Name:  sketch2.jpg
Views: 147
Size:  29.6 KB

    Name:  anatomysketch.jpg
Views: 150
Size:  35.5 KB

    Name:  anatomysketch2.jpg
Views: 147
Size:  45.5 KB

    Name:  anatomysketch3.jpg
Views: 146
Size:  42.2 KB

    Name:  anatomysketch4.jpg
Views: 147
Size:  46.8 KB

    Name:  anatomysketch5.jpg
Views: 146
Size:  34.4 KB

    Name:  fountain.jpg
Views: 146
Size:  35.6 KB

    Name:  sketch1.jpg
Views: 147
Size:  32.5 KB

    Name:  sketch.jpg
Views: 144
Size:  30.3 KB

    A sketch I did for a 3d model:

    Name:  bunnysketch.jpg
Views: 148
Size:  30.4 KB

    Name:  jmonaethumb2.jpg
Views: 155
Size:  32.2 KB

    Name:  jmonaethumb.jpg
Views: 149
Size:  33.5 KB

    These last two are thumbs/sketches to redo my old mermaid drawing:

    Name:  mermaifthumb.jpg
Views: 146
Size:  54.4 KB

    Name:  mermaidthumb2.jpg
Views: 146
Size:  34.0 KB

    Does anybody know how to change my thread title?

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  9. 6/20/11

    These were illustrations that I did for an independent study this quarter. All 6 were supposed to be part of a visual narrative. They were good enough for me to pass but only 1 is solid to act as a portfolio piece. My professor told me that I need to tighten things up and take more risks, which I agree on.

    Name:  1st2 copy2.jpg
Views: 137
Size:  52.6 KB

    Name:  2nd image3 copy2.jpg
Views: 139
Size:  40.8 KB
    The one that needs the most work.

    Name:  3rd image.jpg
Views: 142
Size:  57.9 KB

    Name:  4 copy.jpg
Views: 140
Size:  69.5 KB

    Name:  5 copy.jpg
Views: 137
Size:  50.7 KB

    Name:  6 copy.jpg
Views: 135
Size:  59.9 KB

    Does anybody see anything else that I can do to bring these up to the same level?

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    Good work so far. Your traditional stuff looks a bt skewed, but that can be fixed by using a slanted surface like a draftng table

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  11. Something new! It's another hybrid creature based on a peacock. I can't decide if I want a fully human face or place a beak on his face. I also plan to model this creature when I get my concept done.

    Name:  peacock wip1.jpg
Views: 109
Size:  114.0 KB

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    I like your environment concepts but they need more spatiality, try to use a clear horizon and 1 or more fix points

    visit my Sketchbook!
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  13. Did more of the sketch on the 27th and started making the base in maya for about a week or so now. I haven't decided if I want to give him a beak or just have a full human face. I also started thinking about the if I want the wings attached the the human arms or at the connection of the hips to the bird body.

    Name:  kyahillpeacockwip3.jpg
Views: 111
Size:  47.6 KB

    Name:  kyahill3dpeacock.jpg
Views: 106
Size:  76.8 KB Name:  kyahill3dpeacock2.jpg
Views: 108
Size:  96.4 KB

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  14. Redesigned head of my peacock

    Not much of an update.

    Sketch of my peacock head. Decided to give him huge eyes, and I changed his head shape to a more heroic/body builder type, even though its still tiny in size like an actual peacock. For the beak piece, I wanted to have a hint of it so i went with being attached to the bridge of the nose. Ears are nubs protruding from the sides with just a hole leading to the ear canal. Most of his face and head will be covered in feathers save for his mouth.

    Name:  peacock head3.jpg
Views: 89
Size:  104.1 KB

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  15. 2-21-12

    Bought this sketchbook a couple of weeks ago and doodled every now and then. Definitely will use pencil over my blue next time before i scan.

    Name:  sketch1 copy.jpg
Views: 80
Size:  44.0 KB

    This was me trying to redraw the character I started painting and posted a few tears ago here.
    Name:  sketch2 copy.jpg
Views: 83
Size:  38.6 KB

    Last two was me trying to draw an asian chick then failing, then I went back to another character I designed and trying to see if I can make his hair more non realistic than what i had before. It was just going to be dreads in a ponytail, then it went to a dread-wolf tail type, then its now a wolf-tail with pig tails int he back. Very outside the box and manly!

    The bottom two heads on the last page are what I like the best.
    Name:  sketch5 copy.jpg
Views: 84
Size:  38.2 KB

    Name:  skecth6 copy.jpg
Views: 82
Size:  58.2 KB

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  16. 03-25-12

    Something new. A new character I'm trying to flesh out. Haven't done a full body sketch yet. Started on the head first, then I realized that I had no idea how her head dress would look or the rest of her outfit. I know she's going to be super tall.

    Name:  kyahilldragonempresswip1.jpg
Views: 73
Size:  172.5 KB

    Name:  kyahilldragonempressseahorsehat.jpg
Views: 74
Size:  120.4 KB

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  17. 4-11-12

    More of my new character the Sea Dragon Empress. I'm stuck on her outfit so I decided to do a bust. Her neck is long intentionally since she's not fully human. I started this on paper so some things are off a little, I meant for this to be smaller on paper but it wound up taking up all the room, so I had to draw the tiara seahorse headdress in photoshop.

    Name:  dragon empress bust.jpg
Views: 72
Size:  161.9 KB

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  18. New Sketches 5/20/12

    Shape challenge on DA:

    Name:  kyahillwarmup.jpg
Views: 66
Size:  117.7 KB

    Doodle of a sea knight I started on Friday. I want to eventually do a full concept and model of this:

    Name:  kyahilllseakinght.jpg
Views: 61
Size:  53.8 KB

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    nice ideas you have here! id like to see more!

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  21. Wilykat Model

    My friends and I are doing a modeling challenge on facebook to create models for Classic Thundercats. I chose Wilykat. Haven't attached the head or done the clothes yet. I was told that his feet were too long, didn't get to that yet either. He probably won't need toes though. I'm going to sculpt this in zbrush since I know his facial proportions look off and I just wanted to make sure I had all the necessary loops for the head. WIPS:

    Name:  kyahill_wilykat_tosro1.jpg
Views: 55
Size:  43.4 KB

    Name:  kyahill_wilykatwip2.jpg
Views: 59
Size:  41.6 KB

    Name:  kyahill_wilykatwip3.jpg
Views: 52
Size:  86.4 KB

    Name:  kyahill_wilykatwip4.jpg
Views: 53
Size:  51.3 KB

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  22. Sketch of Youko Kurama. Just something to get me back into drawing.

    Name:  youko kurama.jpg
Views: 31
Size:  119.1 KB

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  23. 2/14/13

    Random sketches from July of 2011 to the other day. Most of these are done at work when I have lots of down time.

    Name:  sketch1.jpg
Views: 26
Size:  93.7 KB

    Name:  sketch2.jpg
Views: 29
Size:  93.1 KB

    Name:  sketch3.jpg
Views: 29
Size:  120.1 KB

    Name:  sketch4.jpg
Views: 31
Size:  135.9 KB

    Name:  sketch5.jpg
Views: 30
Size:  125.3 KB

    Name:  sketch7.jpg
Views: 28
Size:  121.6 KB

    Name:  sketch8.jpg
Views: 30
Size:  157.1 KB

    Name:  sketch9.jpg
Views: 25
Size:  163.8 KB

    Name:  sketch10.jpg
Views: 26
Size:  231.6 KB

    Name:  sketch11.jpg
Views: 29
Size:  535.7 KB

    Name:  sketch12.jpg
Views: 27
Size:  153.3 KB

    Name:  sketch13.jpg
Views: 24
Size:  154.0 KB

    Name:  sketch14.jpg
Views: 25
Size:  152.7 KB

    Name:  sketch15.jpg
Views: 27
Size:  225.4 KB

    Name:  sketch16.jpg
Views: 26
Size:  167.8 KB

    Name:  sketch17.jpg
Views: 27
Size:  153.3 KB

    Name:  sketch18.jpg
Views: 24
Size:  143.8 KB

    Name:  sketch20.jpg
Views: 25
Size:  144.8 KB

    Name:  sketch21.jpg
Views: 27
Size:  184.2 KB

    Name:  sketch22.jpg
Views: 27
Size:  116.1 KB

    Name:  sketch23.jpg
Views: 27
Size:  233.5 KB

    Name:  sketch24.jpg
Views: 27
Size:  147.0 KB

    Name:  sketch25.jpg
Views: 27
Size:  119.6 KB

    Name:  sketch26.jpg
Views: 30
Size:  138.9 KB

    Name:  sketch27.jpg
Views: 25
Size:  115.1 KB

    Name:  sketch28.jpg
Views: 27
Size:  136.9 KB

    Name:  sketch29.jpg
Views: 25
Size:  156.0 KB

    Name:  sketch30.jpg
Views: 23
Size:  144.9 KB

    Name:  sketch31.jpg
Views: 23
Size:  136.7 KB

    Name:  sketch32.jpg
Views: 24
Size:  150.7 KB

    Name:  sketch33.jpg
Views: 27
Size:  134.4 KB

    Name:  sketch34.jpg
Views: 27
Size:  170.6 KB

    Name:  sketch35.jpg
Views: 24
Size:  105.5 KB

    Name:  sketch36.jpg
Views: 28
Size:  172.5 KB

    Name:  sketch37.jpg
Views: 24
Size:  112.8 KB

    Name:  sketch38.jpg
Views: 26
Size:  215.2 KB

    Name:  sketch39.jpg
Views: 26
Size:  170.8 KB

    Name:  sketch40.jpg
Views: 24
Size:  147.8 KB

    Name:  sketch41.jpg
Views: 26
Size:  107.6 KB

    Name:  sketch42.jpg
Views: 26
Size:  146.0 KB

    Name:  sketch43.jpg
Views: 27
Size:  67.5 KB

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  25. 4/22/14

    An old doodle I finished!

    Name:  daisychibiCA_kyahill.jpg
Views: 9
Size:  95.4 KB

    Recent update to my latest WIP.

    Name:  Legend_of_Goddess_Zelda_KyaHillgrey4CA.jpg
Views: 9
Size:  202.5 KB

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  26. 7/9

    Went back to my first sketch and completely redrew her

    Name:  Legend_of_Goddess_Zelda_KyaHillgrey22CA.jpg
Views: 5
Size:  105.0 KB

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