Looking for information on schools in the UK(/Europe) and Canada.

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    Looking for information on schools in the UK(/Europe) and Canada.

    Hello world! (first post on conceptart.org)

    I am a Swedish art student (foundation course in fine arts at Nyckelviksskolan), and like a lot of people I want to become a concept artist in the gaming industry. I am mainly thinking 2d character design / storyboarding / environments... The usual suspects.
    I have some qualms about where to apply to though...

    I have looked at several schools mainly in the UK and Canada, and figure I might as well ask for some input!

    In Canada I have looked at:
    Max the Mutt - which seems really really nice.
    The Art Institute of Pittsburgh
    The Art Institute of Vancouver

    The two last ones I am not really sure about, I have talked a little with them, but I feel I have gotten very little useful information from them so far.

    In the UK I am thinking about applying to:
    the University of Teesside ( this or this )
    Staffordshire University ( this one )

    The ones in the UK are ones that my guidance counsellor have dug up (she has been calling several schools with a similar focus and dice&avalanche studios in search of information Truly an awesome woman)

    Any schools you dearly recommend in Europe (Tends to be cheaper thanks to the EU) with a good standing and communication with the industry? Are the ones I have written down here any/no good (even though it all boils down to my commitment in the end)?

    Thank you all beforehand!

    /Erik Rönnblom

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    If you are looking for focus strictly on fine arts and getting into a concept position down the line, I would remove AI (the art institute) from the list.

    I attended the one here in Vancouver, and it is very heavily focused on 3D. There is some persistant life drawing, but their job is to get you in as either a game designer, environment or character artist. Other than that, I cannot be of assistance! Good luck

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    Have you looked into Sheridan College in Ontario, Canada?
    I may be biased but I would recommend gathering information about their animation, illustration, and visual arts programs.

    As for Vancouver I have heard good things about the Emily Carr Institute and the Vancouver Film School.

    Hopefully this post is helpful in some way.

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    Im at Teesside university and on the GAME ART course, though it does entail a LOT of 3d work, modeling in max, animation in max and texturing, special effects etc. So probably not your best bet if you just want to do 2d.

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