So, more comic related stuff. There's at least 1 convention here in Galway over the next few months, so I want to have a handout (free) that'll have a sample of my stuff in it.

There'll be 4 pages of a sci-fi comic, where the first 2 are outlined below:

Attachment 1160144

That's all associated with all the stuff about space, assassins, dogs etc that I've been posting recently.

And there's a horror-based comic that ties into all the bear-related madness, written by some friends of mine.... or plotted, I suppose. These are way closer to being finished, so here's a snap of the pages before I go scan them. This is page 1 & 2. I'm going to save page 3 for when I have the scans, cos I think it's great.

Attachment 1160146

Attachment 1160147

And that's all for now, CA! As usual, you'll see at least the sketches for my stuff before anyone else. Ciao!