Sketchbook: You don't use it you lose it, gonna try to get it back.
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Thread: You don't use it you lose it, gonna try to get it back.

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    Restarted my original Zombie comic, at the bottom of the page. Earlier stuff was first attempt. Pure crap (not like new one is much better) and looking back it feels terrible lol. But I'll keep practicing. Around a page a night give or take some days depending on what's going on.

    Will eventually upload it on deviantart since they don't require resizing but meh I'm lazy for now.

    Was pretty sick yesterday so couldn't do much, but feeling better today so here's page 4. Was pretty fun realizing I could cut to some of the more dramatic or fun pages soon instead of just person A. talks to person B. type stuff and in a car no less so I can't exactly show any crazy camera angles next page should be fun.

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