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    Hello to all. I leave you here another illustration. I believe that in this occasion I have managed to illuminate better the scene. To seeing that your opinions. All the critiques and advices will be received well. Regards and thanks.

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    O.K. I'm going to be somewhat brutal so I hope you don't mind...

    The first thing that just amde me cringe was the individual fire stamps in the background....they just arn't working,

    the fingers are far too sharp especially for knuckles.
    The skulls can stay the way you ahve them if a cartoon look is what your going for but real human skulls tend to have and almost oval/rectangular look to them when making the base sketch.(reference some real human skulls for shape) Another point that goes witht he skulls is the lack of atmospheric perspective. everythign is in focus so nothing terribly holds my eye or has my eye starting out soemwhere specifically.

    The blood looks like airbrush strokes, and there is onyl one shade of red, it looks soft and not wet.

    The robe doesn't read as fabric to me at all. It has a stright linear outlining that makes it look more hard than soft (backwards with the blood)

    Those are the big things I see, this needs alot of work. I suggest starting over with some preliminary thumbnail sketches and run a couple by use to see what best fits the mood of your piece.

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    Agree with Rabid on his points, emphasis on the fire in the back... doesnt look good.

    Ill add a few:
    The blood looks like is dripping over a flat floor, which is not the case.kinda like it where an invisible glass over the skulls. The blood on the blade looks unnatural, it should be sliding and dripping from the tip, not so evenly, also weird is coming from the outside and not from the inside of the blade where the sharp normally would be.

    He is suppose to be gigantic, considering the size of the skulls, but your perspective is not working, is more like seeing and average size guy surrounded by very tiny skulls. Match you vanishing points, take the atmospheric perspective in count and vary the line weight, the entire pic seem to have the same lines.

    the skulls pretty much look all the same and they are all looking forward, not much dinamism there.
    I dont understand what the purple thing and the bee nest on the end of the weapon are.

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    hmmm...also, the right hand isnt right, you have four knuckles but only three fingers, to fat to be part of that hand. im assuming you may have done this picture or parts of this pictures quite fast or fast enough for you to not notice that. I think one thing that would help you is if you do alot of practice with cloth. not only,as mentiond, theres no wrinkles in the cloak but the fabric holding the blade isnt currect. its as if the fabric is wraped around the handle and the blade is just settled in the fabric. Try wraping something of the same shape, "nothing sharp" hehe, as the blade, to something of the sort as a handle and see how it comes out. practice drawing the out come of your two objects wraped together sevirel times, then...sit back and notice your talent become even greater. Im a big fan of ol grimmy, and i like your idea of himin a hellish scene. i rarely seem them. nice job though, DONT EVER be discoureged, or ol grimmy will send fruit flys to your door. keep up the work, and if you do take my advise please notify me i wanna see your progress.

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