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    a few things from this semester

    have a few different things fromthis semester of schoool that i did.. not much, but ... here ya goo

    the first fat creep thing is just plain sculpey, painted with acryllic and oil glazes..

    the second thing is the plain sculpey painted same way...

    the white dude was actually a life sculpt for my figure 3 class made from stoneware clay painted with acrylic and some oils

    the lask is actually a latex mask.. which was an awesome experience to do... i took this mask making workshop at school for a few weeks .. and thats what came out of it... painted with oils...

    i still need to get photos of this thing im still working on... its a life sculpt in stoneware of the models head.. fullsized... we are supposed to make a plaster mold then cast it in plaster.. but im auditting the class so i do what i want (ha) .. im making a rubber mold with the plaster mother mold so i can reuse my mold.. probablly gonna wind up casting it in latex for a mask and one in plaster... once i get pics ill post em up here!

    any crits or comments would be greatly apperciated!!

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    WOW!! Neat, neat stuff! The first one is good, but the face sort of ruins it for me a little. It just feels like it was drawn on by someone else, using sharpie markers. Your sculpts remind me a lot of my own ( So what year in school are you? Do your fellow classmates like your art style? I'd love to see more!

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    thanks alot ! .... well i kidna wanted the look of a painted on face like, the way some faces are painted on dolls.. i thought it was a funny contrast between the gaping mouths on the sides... but thanks a lot.. i did check out your work ... it is GREAT!!! ... well this is my 3rd year at community college.. im kinda doing sculpture outside of classes mainly(reading up on tutorials and whatnot), jsut because there really isnt any programs here that teach that kind of stuff.. just sometiems there are those summer workshops that are cool..... did you go to school somewhere? im looking to transfer somewhere after this spring..looking for some good schools still

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