Hey Doc,
I've previously asked you questions, and you always been a source of enlightement
Though I understand the presence of diffuse and specular reflection on an object, im still trying to understand how light is physically reacting in some cases. Lights is either bounced or absorbed as I understand, however i still dont understand why I see some of the things i see.

The main exemple i could give you, is a black, polished, bowling ball, with bright white specular on it.
So the black comes from most of the light being absorbed by the ball and thus not a lot of light bounce back to the eye.. but you got that specular reflection that does contain white, or any color the environement could have. I think I understand why different surface have different speculars ( Prometheus tutorials explains it very weel, and makes a lot of sense )

But the question here is why can we see a bright specular reflection on a dark object, if photons are supposed to be absorbed almost competely, and not bounced back on dark objects?

If specular reflections is created by the object having a coating making everything shiny, shouldnt it completely override the underlying diffuse reflection ?

I Hope these questions make some sense
Thanks for taking time to read this.