LAWL Total noob.

Okay. Well. I'm really a total beginner to art here (comparatively, especially in terms of painting and (facial! cough hack wheeze!) anatomy). I'm slow, and not especially prolific (although really, those two go hand in hand). And I really need a decent critique, because I sure as hell can't figure out what pat of me sucks worst.

So, without further ado, I present to you my creaptivity, in chronological order.
I am not responsible for any breaking of sanity(ies) while you are observing said pieces.

Piece one (Blondie and the water and the magic, Harry!): This is a recent-er piece, which was a double character concept design of a character from a comic I'm planning (My two most preferred professions would be as a character designer or comic artist - I will begin production on some of my own webcomics soon).
Piece two (The girl standing in the impossible pose with the mega-heels): This was originally sketched before the above piece (about 6 months ago, coloured in May/June). Just a simple fashion plate, more than anything else.
Piece Three (Little Miss Trident): This is much more recent - I did this in October, I think. Pretty much ditto with piece Two, and an experiment in cel-shading.
Piece Four (The Headshot) : Don't talk to me about all the anatomical errors in this - it's a pretty screwball attempt at realism (I'm trying, I swear!). This was more of an exercise in painting, and I'm reasonably happy with it on that level. I used a reference of my sister for this, and it looks nothing like her XD
Piece Five (The comic strip): Part of an OC tournament. As I've mentioned, I'm interested by comicking, and I'm still learning. A pretty simplistic page, but I like it nonetheless.
Pieces Six & Seven: A character lineup sketch, although the characters will likely never see each other ever (in continuuity). Just simple designs here.
Piece Eight (The random FAERY (Language butcher! OMG!): Just a random sketch. The hand hip gave me the shonkies, though.
Numbah Nine: Made while listening to the song (and inspired by the video clip of) My Moon My Man, by Feist. A somewhat more realistic attempt at something.
Lucky number Ten: Ditto, only with the Björk songs Pagan Poetry and Cocoon. It started out nice and simple, and then I went to far and ruined it. It just kept on looking more and more like a stripper! Nyagh!

Nervousness! Suspense!