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    Hellgate London Knight. Custom colour!!!

    my step 1 to step 6 work... this is how i do my colouring ...not very professional of course i am still a learner ..hope to be very pros in future.
    any comment will do.

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    Nice armor, good pose.

    The right arm and hand look a little strange. Go make this same pose in the mirror and look carefully at what your arm does.

    At least Icarus tried!

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    the shading doesnt really make sense because it doesn't convey form...try studying or thinking about what you are painting in 3d, see what comes from that....

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    I'm not going into some minor anatomy problems now, because I think you're already trying to improve that. its your rendering technique i'm going to discuss.

    first of all - DON'T GO COLOUR fromt he beginning! your main problem is the way you handle your light source... in those first sketches you already defined where your light comes from, but all that gets lost once you put colour over it..

    start in greysale and try to just define the MAIN forms of your motive according to the light source. ignore all the details.. sicne its mostly armour, it already flows with the main shapes of the body (arms, head, torso). block in your lights and shadows in 3 shades of grey.

    after you have gotten the main forms down you can start to refine your details. you dont have to worry about your colours-YET. i made a quick paintover to illustrate those two steps:

    Hellgate London Knight. Custom colour!!!

    - NOTE: since its a knight from hellgate london I suppose he has some glowing parts on his armour.. keep that in mind.. every glowing part is a lightsource itself, throwing its own shadows and lightborders of forms nearby

    once your'e happy with the way you rendered your knight, you can simply put a multiply layer over your painting to add colours. since you dont have to worry about your rendering anymore after steps 1 and 2, you can go wild on that one, just remember to use a complemetary colour scheme.

    the easiest example would be a knight in shades of green and yellow in front of a red background (the most basic complemetary colour scheme). stay away from too much black in your picture... it will make everything dark and muddy.

    also I would recommend not to use soft brushes like airbrush.. that technique takes a lot of experience and just blurs everything when used by a novice.. use the standard hard brushes. when you're comfy with them, you can create visual energy and raw texture just by the direction you apply them..

    thats all for now.. keep training and great results will follow in no time

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    Fantastic advice above...take what was said seriously, and practice it for a few greyscale images, and you'll quickly start to see a difference.

    Practicing color is definately good, but I think value and form are much more important at this point. Not much else to add other than complimenting your efforts, and the critique above

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    Not bad at all,
    Theres something up with the right hand/arm but I'm not shore what...
    And as people have allready said the lighting/shading is not quite there, so take there advice and study that.

    Good luck
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    I love the glossy armor very nice

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