Ello! Just a short intro to start with.

Im a final year law student. The more I learn about Law, the less I believe in justice. I started to have doubt in myself as to whether I should pursue a career in law. Every now and then i feel lost, i feel frustrated and I struggle, but painting helps pulling me out from the dilemma. I am fond of the world of art and music, to me, that is, something more intimate to mankind, something adjacent to our nature.

I am starting this thread with the inspiration of littlellama, my brotherly-liked cousin. Since I have not received any formal art lessons, my paintings are primarily based on my impulse, my emotion and my feelings.

I randomly sketched two bottles of perfumes on my table... and... hmm... nothing really special about them.

About the rose: All in a sudden, i just wanna draw a black rose. As I have never seen one in real, that is... an imaginary black rose... or... rather... an imaginary rose with an imaginary colour. Initially it was a rose in just black, grey and white, but I thought a rose should be better than that, so i added some purple and yellow.