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    CA Featured Artist Updates

    If you haven't noticed the featured artist pages (the thumbs atop the forums) are being updated finally. They are still finding a few bugs with our basic editor system but the art has been going up.

    Enjoy...more to come.


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    always cool to spend some time staring at the pro's work, so its even cooler to see something new...i think i remember you mentioning personal galleries of this kind for all users, is this true?


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    I don't mean to piss on the idea of having these galleries but serving a lot of images is not really a optimal diet for a browser (or a server, depending on which side you are).

    Would it be too presumptuous of me to propose a slightly different system?

    A random x artists + link to artist index list or last x artists + link to artist index list could be good enough, especially for people who already have looked through all of it.

    It's just a wild guess (as I don't have your server statistics) but people probably don't click on these galleries as often as then click through the forums. And another guess is that "older" artist on the list get even less clicks than new additions except by new arrivals on the site who probably look through a random selection (or all) of all of the featured artists.

    It seems to me that idea you have is great but you put stuff (all featured artists) that should be in a lower navigation level (behind a link) in a very exposed position (on every page of the forums).

    I don't know what is planned for CA 4.0 but after how many rows will it impede the navigation and usability of the site in a serious way? At the moment it probably could be reduced to ten (recent) artist + an index link and be used to replace the workshop group photo (the one next to the™ image).

    That way you would get a better use of vertical space on the page, a adaptable and unique morphing identity for the CA community (this would be the™ image plus a few featured artists next to it (that is if people allow their work to be used in that way)), a better browser and server utilisation, and better visibility for the DVD's, downloads and workshop promo that gets a bit lost next to all the shiny pictures (being frames by text from above and below would result in better visibility).

    As I mentioned before, I don't know anything about CA 4.0 (how the features are planned) and I don't really want to be a wise ass but sadly it's the best way I can be of any help at all. So just take it as a suggestion from someone who is slightly concerned for the websites loading speed and usability.

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    I noticed you updated Petey Konig's gallery. What others were updated?

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