A glimpse at Sabarika's art
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    Icon A glimpse at Sabarika's art

    I've been on this site before and I think it's an amazing resource (that I wish I had used long before I "stopped" drawing) and I finally have the, er, courage to post.
    I am not sure if this is the correct forum, if not, I'm sorry and please close/remove the thread!

    I kind of feel a need to prelim my entry with a disclaimer of sorts. Yep... I draw what is known as furry art. I used to be massively involved with artists in the fandom, but in the last several years the glory has faded and I began to hate the artists and shy away from the purpose of the art. I'm more or less a bit ashamed at my one-track art.. but that's why I'm here. I drew because my friends drew, I drew because I wanted to know what people thought, and I drew because it was fun. Now I've all but burnt out and have almost entirely stopped drawing due to frustration (ok, I admit, I was jealous of other, better, younger artists! the typical "i felt like i'll never improve and be that good and master those techniques so why waste my time if I don't see immediate improvement" phase) and my friends have started getting more and more on my back about wasting "my talent" and I feel like I want to start working on art again. None of this "drawing my character generically" BS I had before, but really cracking down and learning from real life, referencing photos and objects (I RARELY ever do this, I taught myself that "copying = bad", even for the sake of learning), mastering color and light, shadows, textures, realism, and developing a style that isn't merely an amalgamation of my favorite friends' and artists' styles that fit my mood. I don't want to just draw from memory anymore and wing it, blaming technical errors on style or laziness - I feel like in order to improve my "personal style", I want to start with challenging myself to draw what is really there - master points of realism. I notice that cartoonists and people with brilliantly original styles also have a grasp of realism, anatomy, lighting, texture, form.. and it incorporates itself into their art so it's not just "toony", it's a new creation that looks "awesome" with a purpose - you don't just look at it and go "cool", you see it and go, "wow, I don't know why a silly cartoon cat stands out so much, but that looks great" and it's because the hard work behind learning the technical skills and basic realism behind an object gives you more flexibility in creating a believable and pleasing style than just "learning" from copying other styles and cartoons or whatnot.

    Sorry it's long..
    My point being, I'd like to just show some of the stuff I've done so far, and I'd like feedback, criticism, tips, anything to see where I'm at and how to get started. I have a big fear and aversion to copying photos, even my own, due to the internet being "you're only good if it's UNIQUE!" attitude and I want to learn how to LEARN from "copying photos" and not just learn how to copy something in front of me.. to actually apply it later and learn to judge what a composition needs and doesn't need so it isn't a copy-paste chimera of different photos.
    I really want to continue focusing on anthropomorphizing animals and people such as seen in "furry" or "were" art. I was told quite frequently that I "had a knack" for being able to encapsulate emotions and expressions on my animal-people really well and convincingly, and it's something I love to do - to convey even a simple, subtle emotion in a way that when one looks at the art they immediately go, "i know that. i can relate to that. i can feel that expression and understand it" even if it's a wolf's face with a mohawk or a cat in pajamas.

    My selection is quite slim and pretty poorly executed... my CG skills are awful and I've not tried very hard, but let me know if anything stands out or what you feel/think and how maybe I should go about working on improving and creating "real" art and not silly furry-animals standing around looking cool on white paper. :3

    I'm sorry my at isn't recent. I have almost no art from the past 2 years, it's either stupid furry-character sketches or drawings I never intended to finish and were too shoddy to post, but I will leave a link to my gallery.
    VCL: http://us.vclart.net/vcl/Artists/Sabarika/
    DevART: http://www.sabarika.deviantart.com


    NWS: the hand/gun WAS referenced from a stock photo, but nothing else.

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    Your work looks really nice!! I didnt get to read the prelim yet (I will) but I really like your style!

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