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Thread: My Mermaid

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    My Mermaid

    This is my Mermaid
    So! Tell me About it.

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    It must be hard to swin witht hose huge boobs
    If think she got some anatomical issues. her head seems to be screwed on her shoulder, where is the neck ? the arms are too long and the left hand seems wristless, and the third finger from the thumb should be longer than the seond .The separation between the body and the tail is too brutal. The shadow under her breast is a bit too strong. but i like the colors on the tail and the general ambience which watery.

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    Absolutely, positively, definetily has no neck.
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    I like the softness to her skin, and the transluscence on the tail, and the composition is pretty nice, but I don't really know what's going on here. Is she waving? Saying "stop"? Saying "don't go there girlfriend?"

    Her hands look rubbery. You should check out Bridgman's 100 hands and copy the entire book into your notebooks line for line.

    Her face is out of drawing too. We're looking down on her face yet her upper lip looks like we're looking head-on at it. Makes the whole face distorted. The eyes are also from straight-on, instead of being a downshot. You really should have used reference on this until you learn to fake with knowledge.

    Is some of the background stock photography?
    At least Icarus tried!

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