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    Last Man Standing 3 | Round One

    The complete listing of LMS3 Round One matches can be found here:

    Deadline EXTENDED AGAIN: 11:59pm PST - Saturday, January 19th 2008
    Topic: Underneath It All

    The topic, as always, is completely open to interpretation, allowing for you to visualize your concept through any subject matter you deem fit. This is an illustration-based contest, and you will be expected to turn in a completed piece that stands on its own without the aid of a description. Both traditional and digital mediums can be used, but the majority of your piece must be painted/drawn with little use of photography and 3D modeling.

    Round Breakdown (links to discussion threads):
    • Round 1 - 360 competitors in 72 matches of 5 / 72 advance
      Entry threads / Matches 1-24 / 25-48 / 49-72
    • Round 2 - 72 competitors in 18 matches of 4 / 18 advance
      Entry thread / Matches 1-18
    • Round 3 - 18 competitors in 6 matches of 3 / 6 advance
    • Final Round - 6 men enter, one man leaves...

    Submitting your entry: All entries are expected to be saved at web resolution and at a reasonable size (try to keep the width under 1000px, less than 450k). If you send me a huge piece, I will Save for Web at a smaller resolution resulting in a finished product that may not appear as you intended. Do that yourself if you care!

    Submit your entries to hello [a t] lastmanart [d o t] com, with the subject Round One Entry: Your Conceptart.org User Name. Name your file match#_yourusername_round1.jpg. If you can host it on your web space instead of attaching it to the email, I'd appreciate it. Don't post your entries until the final day! You can show a few people you trust for comments, obviously, but we want the final post to come as one big unveiling. Don't screw it up or I'll CUT you.

    Judging: Every round will be judged by an incredibly talented group of judges... the list is still being finalized, but it will be a relatively static panel throughout the competition. Each piece will be judged based on technical execution, creativity in the interpretation of the topic, and overall impact. All judges decisions are final. No whining!

    Judging Panel:
    Aleksi Briclot
    Rob Carney
    Dan Dos Santos
    Irene Gallo
    Jon Foster
    Gregory Manchess
    JS Rossbach

    Puss Outs: If you drop out of the competition without an extremely valid excuse and without plenty of time before the deadline for me to place in a substitute, you are officially a puss out. You will be black-listed from the next Last Man Standing competition and subject to ridicule. In short, tell me now if you plan on being a puss or face the consequences.

    VICTORS/Advancing to Round Two:

    1. J a k e
    2. Icon
    3. stevekim
    4. m@.
    5. Rusty
    6. Chingwa
    7. manu is malin
    8. GreenTopaz
    9. Tamte
    10. Faxtar
    11. romance
    12. viag
    13. lyon
    14. Stokes
    15. fedezz
    16. trevor
    17. bluefooted
    18. Tony Shasteen
    19. Sept13
    20. Hurricane
    21. mwillustration
    22. Helzon
    23. alxcote
    24. Yumiko
    25. entdroid
    26. MarkWinters
    27. Ragnar X
    28. Baron Impossible
    29. Mike Dutton
    30. HellTaxi
    31. Summer Pudding
    32. vyle
    33. Rambozo
    34. bumskee
    35. fvallejo
    36. Texahol
    37. Ethax
    38. Poshspice
    39. Ben Mauro
    40. Jason Chan
    41. Ryan DeMita
    42. steak-tron
    43. brat777
    44. kenji
    45. octopus_interphone
    46. Alex Tornberg
    47. Brun
    48. John_Bivens
    49. Jason Rainville
    50. yAdam
    51. Shamagim
    52. nicolas
    53. M.C.Barrett
    54. Cicinimo
    55. DavePalumbo
    56. ENBE
    57. prostate sunrise
    58. flaptraps
    59. strych9ine
    60. jmascho
    61. nacho
    62. Brendan N
    63. wassermelone
    64. thanos5
    65. Kirtz
    66. Paul_Harrison
    67. Idiot Apathy
    68. LEEBLEEB
    69. SprayNation
    70. thom
    71. Grendel Grack
    72. Shelly Wan

    Let's get this bitch on the road! I'm looking forward to this being the best Last Man round yet, don't disappoint the masses!

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