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    art supplies and materials....

    Itīs getting very difficult for me to get some basic things like brushes, oils, acrilics, and itīs literally impossible found even fimo around here, so i began thinking on buying from the internet. The problem is that i didnīt have too much luck on finding european sites, so, after a while i decided to post something here and by the way, maybe put in one place some opinions about online art shops and materials.

    Maybe there is a thread somewhere around the site (if thatīs the case, just redirect me here please) wich already goes on this subject, but since i couldnīt found it (well, i must admit i didnīt search very deeply, sorry, i see those entries and i get discouraged xDDDD) i propose to share here a few things

    a) Urls of art shops from around the globe, so when someone want to find one near at least his continent or something like that , he/she has some starting point.

    b)Opinion and experiences with these shops, to warn about the bad ones and to recomend the good ones too.

    Also will be good to have a thread about materials, but since i believe iīve seen that already open somewhere, i wonīt be talking about it here until iīm sure it isnīt.

    Soooo to start, a few sites i found last night that seem interesting...

    (nothing no one can found with google, but itīs a start )

    sooooo thatīs all , if someone knows about a european site please please please please double with chocolate and vainilla post it here.

    Ah, and cuack.

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    hmm...I don't live in Europe - so I'm not entirely sure of the sites from there, but if ordering from a US site, I can vouch for - I've ordered from them about 6-8 times in the past year or so (I order in chunks though, rather than "when I need it").

    shipping quality has always been excellent, with packages arriving intact, with more than adequate packing materials (bubble wrap and air-pocket packs being their main packing materials - I've yet to have any styrofoam in my orders)

    I've only had 1 order that had any problems, a color had been mixed up in the warehouse and one of my larger tubes of paints had gotten too warm and "popped" the top of the lid - They quickly sent me a replacement tube of the large tube and sent me the correct color (took 2 shipments to get the right color, because the color switch was thought at first to be by the people assembling the order, turns out the colors were in the wrong places in the warehouse - this was fixed - so I had 3 tubes of colors for the price of 1) - I was only charged shipping on the original order (ie - free shipping on the replacement products)
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    I've seen these places recommended by European friends on other forums:

    The Schmincke site has a list or retailers in different countries. Blockx also.
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    Im european too, one good thing about US online stores is that dollars are pretty cheap now so buying from dickblick is buying from a discount-discount store. Buying in dollars you save a big percent, as companies tend to translate $=€, for example nintendo wii=250$ in europe is 250€(=365$) that is almost 50% more. In my city in spain, copic sketch marker=7€. Btw thats why i cant start with markers as I'd like to do

    The bad thing is that shipping would cost a lot, since you must pay a big shipping fee. So i dont know how it would compensate, but I think it's cheaper to buy from the US

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