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Thread: Famous Monsters

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    Famous Monsters

    Long time surfer first time poster any comments or crits appreciated.

    Famous Monsters
    Famous Monsters
    Famous Monsters
    Lee Field

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    First piece: Ditch that texture on the rock STAT! Nothing else in the image has that roughness to it, in fact, it's quite the opposite so the rock pulls your eyes toward it. Paint that stone! Make it mesh with the remainder of the piece. If you need reference, google images of rocks and use those as a guide.

    Second Image: Love the image (but I tend to think undead are pretty cool )! The extended hand could use a little more shadow underneath it as it looks very flat. Get a mirror, and reference your own hand in this case. Also, the eye socket is a little too circular.

    Third one: I think is the weakest of the group. I'm not sure if there's a particular scene from Frankenstein you're illustrating, but interest wise, everything aside from his head is pretty unrefined.

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    hey there,

    only have a little time right now so just writing what comes to mind on the werewolf:
    • perspective of the arm on our left seems off, maybe mirror/flip image horizontally and take a look
    • probably too late now but something to keep in mind for the future: the poses of the arms & legs are cool but the head, torso and pelvis are all lined up - some twisting there might give it a more dynamic life-like feel
    • small detail big effect: there is a light halo kind of thing around the foot closer to us. There would probably be a cast shadow instead - try putting a dark tone there instead of the lightish line and see if it feels more grounded
    • the texture on the rock looks cool, good start but the grain feels a bit too even overall, maybe you can add some variety?
    • the strong blue in one o fthe trees separates it a bit much from the other trees
    • try making the eyes look at the viewer, might have a stronger effect
    • otherwise cool piece, great mood, thumbs up!

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    These are cool!

    The mummy seems the most interesting. I would sharpen up the bandages and put a lot more detail into the coffin just to start off with. There's not much you can do about it now, but the mummy is a lot shorter than the coffin. His legs might be cut off at the bottom of the picture, but they would actually be sticking through the floor if you could see the rest. If you can move him up a little somehow, go for it.
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    I'm surprised no-one else pointed it out - the werewolf's legs are really bothering me. The pose doesn't look comfortable, or even plausible. The legs themselves are in different planes but the feet in the same plane. It's almost Escherian. The positions of its legs don't correlate with where its buttocks must be (given the position of the torso).

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