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    KWELIty materials

    Hello all, first of all i would like to extend a thank you to you all for the AMAZING source of inspiration that has been to myself, and im sure MILLIONS of others around the world. Thank you for allowing me the honor of displaying my work among you pantheon of amazingly talented individuals, i would hope that my work would be yet another beacon of light in this house of shining stars. Without any further ado, lets get started.

    This first piece is a collaboration between myself, and 2 friends of mine. The Batman, Flash and Green Lantern were done by, and the colors were done by The other characters were done by yours truly, ENJOY!

    This next piece is a re-design of Aquaman that i did for fun in conjunction with an art jam over at Kinda inspired by Tarzan, lol.

    This one is an Homage to Joe Madureira's famous character Garrison, from his AMAZING comic Battle Chasers.

    This one was a fun Caricature that i did of my favorite super hero, Superman. This piece was done with Copic Markers, and white out pens.

    This is a re-design of the traditional Xmen team that i did for fun also, ENJOY!

    Everyone's favorite Iron snack

    Dope characters, colored by none other than

    Hope you enjoyed, and i will be posting more soon, pEACE!

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    That Collab piece is fantastic, and I like your overall style.
    Personal taste: not digging the aquaman as he feels to 'Conan' to me. Feels to rugged and brutish, IMHO he needs to be more streamlined and graceful looking.

    Now I must check out your website.
    Again Nice work, look forward to seeing more.

    my sketches here... , visit them or a puppy dies!
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    I love your lines. Your poses are very dynamic and expressive!
    Your buddies are very talented too!

    Thanks for posting these!

    (oh- I also thought your aquaman was a conan. He looks great though)

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