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    School shooting in Finland

    The 7th of November a young man opened fire in a school centre in southern Finland. 8 people, plus the shooter, were killed. This is the first time anything like this happened in Finland or Scandinavia.,00.html,00.html

    Finland is has a high weapon per capita density, third highest in the world, but the vast majority of these are used for hunting. The shooter used a pistol. It feels very strange and insecure that thing like this happen in a small country like Finland.
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    I've been following this, and it's very sad. Something like this is extremely troubling, no matter where it happens, and it seems to be happening with greater frequency. Have any further details been released by the authorities?
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    Germany fell into a deep discussion about the topic when in 2002 a 19 year old killed twelve teachers, a secretary, two students and a police officer. And himself, in the end. I was still in school back then and I can remember 3 fake bomb threats at our school in the weeks that followed. It's kind of a trend to go mad and shoot people at school.

    We can't really blame guns here in Germany, as possession of firearms is not really allowed in our country. The killer had a gun license as you can get one for hunting or sport shooting. But that didn't matter because he was carrying a pump gun, which is absolutely forbidden. So they found out that the reason for the frenzy were computer games and Marilyn Manson. And of course he had no friends. That again is a realistic reason. Still, I figure out that in most cases, it's a matter of social contacts, the lack thereof, difficult family situations and political attitude. I've been working in a school for difficult children for the last 8 months and it was hard to believe that there is a kind of cultural environment in Germany that is so violent and anti-social. I mean, I've been threatened with razor-blades by eleven-year-olds O_o

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    Yes, of course it's as tragic no matter where it happens. But also, the closer to you it is, the more it affects you.

    Some info from today's paper:

    The shooter: Pekka-Eric Auvinen

    The victims:

    woman, 25
    woman, 43, school nurse (shot while trying to help other victims)
    woman, 61, head teacher
    man, 16
    man, 17
    man, 17
    man, 18
    man, 18

    They were all shot in the head or chest, all were shot several times, one had ben shot twenty times. The shooter fired 69 bullets in total, and had 320 bullets left when he was found in a toilet. He had shot himself in the head and died later in hospital. Not all bullets hit people, e also shot through classroom doors and TVs and glass doors.
    The police were alarmed at 11.44 Finnish time. They arrived ten minutes later. The shooter fired at the police, but they weren't hurt. They didn't return fire. This was at 12.04, and it was the last gunshot that was heard. He was found 13.53, and died 22.15.
    He also tried to set the building on fire, but failed.
    He was drawn to different extreme movements, and saw himself as above other humans.
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