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    Drafting\Drawing table advice

    I'm thinking about buying a drawing/drafting table for my art. I came across this post on craigslist and managed to get the seller to drop down to 75 dollars. Any thoughts? The pictures don't look great so I'm going to drop buy and take a look this coming friday. Having very little experience in this regard I'm not sure what to look for, does anyone have any advice? Give me your 2 cents


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    I've been trying to find one myself for a while...the cheapest I've come across were at and those were 89 bucks. Ofcouse, you get what you pay for... so I built my own.

    I already had an older desk at home, it was the right height. so what I did;
    I attached a smaller piece of wood to the top of the desk- an 18" x 24" board.
    I attached it with door hinges on the front and some older tray hinges on the bottom. The tray hinges allow me to set the height I want, and they fold down, so if I wanted to work on a flat surface, I just pull the hinges up and it goes down.

    thats a very raw description of what I did, but it cost me about 5 bucks to do it, and it works just like a table...never looked back

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    i built mine for $4 (one mdf board 24x48 at home depot plus free wood in the scrap bin)

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    Yeah, honestly Nathan that sounds like a lot of cash for a glorified ironing board. You can make one yourself for much less with just a few boards, screws and hinges.

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