holy shit you've done a hell of a lot since i last checked your sketchbook. haha thanks for making me feel like a slacker. I really dig your AP portfolio. A lot of interesting stuff, some really strong pieces in there.

What I notice a lot in this page is how frustrated you are with your digital still lives. Your traditional still life paintings are really strong and show your sensitivity to color and light. Maybe you should think about what made the trad ones strong and the digital ones not so strong. I have a feeling it's a really simple, fixable problem like you putting too much thought into your digital ones and not getting that flow going, or that you have a limited palette to work with when you're using trad paints. Whatever it is, find out and fix it! You're totally capable of a great looking still life, as we can see in your ap folio and around your sketchbook. Just tap into that skill when you open photoshop.

P.S. What kind of sketchbook did you use in the last post? ..Or are those the rings of a MASSIVE 18x24 pad? D: