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Thread: Making of 'Nosferatu' Video in HD!(post#715)

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    Red face Making of 'Nosferatu' Video in HD!(post#715)

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    Hello everyone! It's been a loooooong time since I've posted here, I've noticed so many new faces in here and it's good to see that the all time greats are still here too. Over the years I've been working on a big personal project, and I thought i'd show you guys a few of the sketches and sculpts that I've done.

    Neko Ryu
    I actually posted this sculpt more than a while ago and at the time I had a welcoming response from everyone here in the forum. Unfortunately I've since lost the all original, 'in progress' images and all the other attachments. I was redesigning my website at the time and I deleted all my images, then, shortly after my computer literally imploded, losing everything. ('Ayo.. I'm tired of using this technology'.) Over the past ten years I've made only 3 other huge dragons all of which I've destroyed mainly due to sheer crapness. With the previous attempt, I took it apart after spending 3 weeks trying to make it look good. But the armature was weak and it just went floppy. But then I tried again using copper and brass tubes, stronger wire and milliput. I made a very strong armature and I then started adding the sculpey, then ever since I've been very careful in what I do so I won't have to mess it up again. I wanted to make a dragon that matched my vision as well as my style so I wanted it to look like a bird and dinosaur, built like a pit bull terrier dog, and prowls like a cat. Below you'll see where I, 'loosely' based my sculpture from a painting that I did called, 'NekoRyu' (Cat Dragon). I poured my heart and soul into this. And one last thing, this made it into New Masters of Fantasy and Spectrum 14!

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    Yes, my second sculpt, done a little bit quicker that the dragon. However since then, I now look at it and wonder why I did some of the things I did and i really want to make another one. But anyway, the next minotaur attempt will be less bulky and will look less like a scary mutant dog. But here you are anyway!

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    Like all sculptures that I create, I always make them over extended periods of time. And I really couldn't tell you how long I spent on this particular piece, but if I estimated the time it would be very roughly in the region of a fortnight and that doesn't include the planning. What I have learnt from sculpting is that planning makes perfect, well.. I don't know about perfect, but certainly makes life easier for me. Anatomy is as always vital, and I'm still learning it now so please excuse me if you do see any mistakes. I've gathered a pile of, 'anatomy for the artist' books, photographs and even video clips of both human and horse anatomy. I feel more confident now but I always find it beneficial to refer to them when I need to. Horses are beautiful creatures, and by lobbing of it's head and sticking on a human torso wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. There are certain muscles around the neck of the horse that when modified slightly by design, it houses the torso of a human being! Well.. kind of.

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    Thank you for taking the time to view my work!

    Kenshiro Suzuki.

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