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Thread: Hellgate: London

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    Hellgate: London

    I'm surprised that this thread hasn't been started yet seeing as how Massive Black has had significant involvement with the art direction of the game.

    So now that the game is released..

    Who has it?
    Who plans on getting it?

    What are your initial impressions of the game?
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    i played the demo and the game seems pretty fun. great graphics. environments, textures are incredible. only it looks a tad muddy. i guess that's london. the gameplay is like diablo, addictive but can get repetitive, but Ill pick it up if my friends do.
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    I got the Collector's Edition for my brother since he is really into the Diablo games. I did played the beta for a while and it was very cool and fun with all the classes, skills and such. If it wasn't for school and CA, I would played the game but I rather spend time drawing I got the CE edition mainly because I wanted the goodies, the Dark Horse comic is really cool with a nice cover by Aleksi.

    An interesting thing is that we know how Massive Black was highly involved in the art of the game but in the DVD of the "Making of", they don't mentioned them at all even if when you see a lot of artwork done by the MB guys. Guess that happens when outsourcing.
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    Apparently on the SEA [south east asia] side there's tons of issues. Character wipes and constant announcement delays. I'm not sure about the international/US servers but eek.. i was looking forward to this game. Hope this stuff gets straightened out.

    On the BRIGHT side, Aleksi's work for the game was awesome
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    I Just beat it!

    The artwork/animations are completely amazing. The game rocks if you like blasting through dungeons and gearing up. However you can't even begin to call it an MMO, and unless you have friends to play with, using Ventrilo, you'll probubly go through the intire game by yourself (which can feel pointless and boring).
    The story could be alot better as well.

    I would recommend playing the Engineer or the Blademaster first, the other classes lack luster imo.
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    Played into it a bit some time ago. Found the game engine pretty disappointing (unreasonable resource intensive at times anyone?) but the artwork itself totally rocked. It'd doesn't take a lot of looking around to see this game had a crack conceptual team behind it.

    Was fun, might continue playing when my schedule clears up somewhere in the next couple of years.
    Brendan Noeth

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