Hello, ive been looking in on Concept art.org for some time now and i felt it was time to share my work with you.

So, i felt it was about time to share what ive done in Zbrush and get some critique and advice. Im about to embark on a new project and id rather not stumble on the same mistakes.

Aniso is my first real detail Zbrush sculpt (in fact first venture into 3D and sculpting), and became a slight headache due to how i went about constructing it and the limitations of my system.
Produced for my final project on the Masters in 3D Computer Animation at NCCA Bournemouth - UK

I use Softimage|XSI to build my base meshes. All images are rendered in Zbrush using Ralf Stumpf's Matcap materials (Thanks for sharing them)

Link to turntable (all rendered using zbrush's movie tool) on my website: http://www.susurrusart.com/aniso.html

Aniso Images:


This model was built before aniso and was never finished due to lack of time and it having to be rendered for a a short aniamtion i and 7 others produced. Im now working to finish him. Here is the link to the short animation http://www.susurrusart.com/detritus.html.


Well thats all for now.

I really appreciate any feedback,comments and the like plus if you have any questions dont hesitate to email me at phil@susurrusart.com