Hey guys,

Please don't smack me for that one, cause I know that there are HUGE threads covering my questions I am gonna ask in here, but for some reason Ca.org's searchfunction doesn't work over here for some days but I need help, now

So today I got my first job to design some stuff for a bigger company, and this is where the trouble starts: I am an absolute noob when it comes to the business part of art.
All my art- related jobs I did were for friends or other dudes that I knew personally and than it always went like "give me 20 bucks and we're allright", but this job is a bigger deal right now and I don't want to have smacked myself in my own face in the end SO:

Please tell me everything about copyright and price-setting that might be of major importance for me, or just post the links to the threads that for sure are over here but which I couldn't find. As I said, feel free to treat me like a noob because I really am concerning this topic

Thanks in advance