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    Vodka, Jam and Toast

    Well I've had this piece for about a year and have only now started coloring it in. Unfortunately I can't seem to get the shadows right. Any feedback on them or on the piece in general would be much appreciated.

    It's a little blurry on the bottom because of the wrinkly paper.


    No there are no monsters.

    Please let me know how I can improve it!

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    Hello, Eurysaces! Watercolors are really, really fun.

    I think it would be kinda hard to edit a watercolor work after you colored it, so maybe I'll point out some stuff to keep in consideration for your next piece? Take all this advice with a pinch of salt, I don't know much.

    The girl's overall shape/proportions are a little bit cartoon style, but it could have been what you where going for.

    Spend a little more time on your next piece working on the line drawing, I think you would be a lot happier with the results. Some of the proportion looks skewed a little on the coat/hat stand.

    I like the colors and it has an interesting concept, because I'm a little intrigued about what the girl is looking at, is it a dog? A cat? An accident in the street? So for your next one try to think about the composition, the proportions of the objects and the characters, also think before you put down the colors if they will look nice next to each other and compliment one another.

    Welcome to Concept Art, by the way, look froward to seeing you post some more stuff! Cheers.
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    great piece all around. great colors, composition, and i like the genre scene a lot. a crit though? there's not a lot of form defined by the values. it's a little flat. see that's a great detail in the tablecloth, i really feel the dimensionality of it. though I'm wondering, you say you can't get the shadows right, did you take a photo for reference? cause I imagine there'd be a lot more darker values all around, for instance the whole area under the bookshelf, the area of her right foot next to the table leg, the teapot, etc.

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    thank you both for your suggestions!
    you are right, I need to find a balance between enough prep work that I am definite about what I'm doing and not so much that I take all the life out.

    What I great idea: take photos to get the shadows right.

    I'm using this piece as a practice piece for a larger (newer) one I'm working on for my portfolio.
    So I think I'll push this one a little farther to see if I can't get the shadows better. Of course it being watercolor, the proportions and perspective must wait until next time to improve.

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