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Thread: Fresh Game Idea(Big read)

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    Fresh Game Idea(Big read)

    IM going to copy and past this in some other forums until a game developer picks it up because I think this would be a sweet game. I actualy tried to send it to Ea ( Figured it would be a good game for them to get into the MMO franchise) but couldnt get a mailing address.
    I know I could see myslef playing it hours on end. Critics are most wanted but not on spelling, ha!

    Customizable Online Real Time Strategy (CORTS)

    Project CORTS(working title)

    CORTS is an MMO type game, with RTS characteristics. What separates this game from other RTSs/MMOs, is that it is
    Completely customizable. No two armies will be the same. Everything from the Race you choose to the technologies
    you advance through is built by you. All your weapons, all your vehicles are pieced toegether useing PreFabs. I'll explain how this works later.
    But, first, to give you a basic understanding of how Project CORTS would work, I'll give you the 'broad' spectrum. Basically, this an RTS game that is played online with a race completely created by you using the in game Civ-Builder. You start off by creating your Civilization.
    You build everything from your units, buildings, goverment, color scheme and everything else that is required for galactic conquest. The conquest part is in my opinion, the best part. A server will consist of one world. I imagine at least a hundred servers or more to fully reach this game’s potential. All these worlds are reachable by players but only after they have acquired faster than light technology. Otherwise they must focus on conquering their own world or fight off more advanced players that have mastered space combat. If you need it, you can hire more advanced players to defend you from these bullies. I can envision several new factions evolving to meet all the demands of the universe. Anyways, Each world will consist of territories separated by natural terrain features, such as oceans, mountains, etc. Let’s say 16 regions are on one class M world. That means 16 players can jump in and start in any available territory. Each region has several natural resource deposits, some more than others. Each region you conquer sends tributes to your homeland every 'CORTs hour'. All servers run on the same time line. Each player attempts to conquer the rest, sounds pretty familiar right? Just like every other RTS, except everything you do in your region is saved! Every building and most of your units (You will need to use some of your forces to move into other regions to conquer their regions).
    You use resources gathered to reinforce your home front, or use it to build a vanguard force to make a
    foothold in your enemies regions. If your enemy is not playing at the time when you attack, the Ai will play for
    him using what forces he already has. The game is constantly in play. Whatever race you create and register with
    the developers of the game, say I created 'The Order of Brandoom', then that race is saved in the companies
    servers. If my race is annihilated, I cannot create another race with the same name. They are forever extinct. By
    name only of course, you can recreate your race under a different name if you desire. This is also a good time to
    bring up treaties. If a race is faced with total defeat, they can choose (If the victor accepts) to become slaves
    to the superior force, which means they will pay 30% of all the resources they gather to their masters and can only
    conquer what regions their master allows them. They will also be required to fight for their masters when ordered.
    The benefit of a slave race is that they are protected by their masters and that they can keep their race and hope
    that their new masters are defeated and can then gain their freedom. Another treaty idea is alliances. Much like
    clans in other games, those they choose to align themselves have a better chance of surviving stronger players that
    have been playing for a very long time. Aligned races loose what every government system they had before and choice
    one of many new ones, such as Federation, Alliance, Confederation, Collection, Covenant, Horde, Protectorate, Axis
    or many other systems that give you different benefits. Allied Races can send resources, units, technologies or
    even entire armies to help out their besieged allies. Empires are exempted from Aligning themselves.
    Alright, so now put it all together and imagine hundreds of thousands of nerds battling online for dominance of
    not only their planet, but eventually other worlds and perhaps in a few years one almighty player will threaten all
    of the CORTS universe until the remaining races align themselves against this tyrant. I can envision people going to
    neutral worlds to buy new technologies, gadjets, charactor textures, weaponry anything the developer wants to make.
    Perhaps several fortress worlds where you can battle powerful AIs that protect valuable technologies.
    If you’re interested so far, read more to get the details on how I see it working...

    In the Beginning...

    So you enter the game, start a player profile, online name, password, ETC, register it with Brandoom Studios, now
    you’re on your way. I think the most underestimated part of a game is the customization. True gamers love the fact
    that they can separate their selves from other players. You see it everywhere, but not to the extent that I
    envision. Check it: Now that you’re registered, you need to build a race. Step one is to choose the body style of your
    species. For instances, a bipedal creature allows the production of humanoid races. Here you can completely morph a
    normal looking human character into almost anything you can imagine. It’s like Fight nights create a fighter on
    steroids. It's all cosmetic and has no merit on the game itself, but whatever you create here is what will
    represent your species. Make small grey aliens, or change their skin tone to green, morph their teeth to max and
    give em primate like posture and you’ve got an ork. These will be your basic ground forces. Once you’re satisfied with
    the way your species looks, move on to the create your flag. Simple enough, I needn’t delve into this too much.
    Next, choose your government system. Each one will have positive and negative effects on your race. A few examples
    would be:

    Democracy: A free market society where the government works for the people
    +4 defense/ they’ll fight for what’s theirs
    +2 Offense/ They don’t like being warlike
    +5 Population/ They make babies with anyone they want
    +2 Conscription/ prefer money over service
    +4 resource gathering/like the money
    +3 research time/ whatever makes a profit
    Can research any technology, can issue a draft that temporarily increases conscript time

    Fascist: A fast developing society that has limited population.
    +4 defense/ for the motherland!
    +4 Offense/Manifest destiny!
    +1 population/ believe in selective breeding
    +4 Conscription/ believe they are destined for greatness
    +2 resource gathering/second to military
    +5 research time/ advancement means superiority!
    research and conscription time faster than other races

    Empire: A society based on serving their godlike emperor, strong all around, but pay for it later when its just them and no allys.

    +5 defense/will die for their homeland
    +5 Offense/ must... conquer!
    +5 population/ constant war keeps numbers steady
    +5 Conscription/ everybody serve at some point
    +4 resource gathering/ society must conquer to flourish
    +2 research time/ slow to change
    Cannot align with other races, military units cheap and fast to build. Cannot accept enslavement.

    Zealots: Fanatics for their cause, they must spread the greater good.
    +4 defense/will die for their homeland
    +4 Offense/ must spread the word!
    +4 population/ premarital is strictly forbidden
    +4 Conscription/ prepare for the crusades!
    +3 resource gathering/ money is only material
    +1 research time/ Technology must not interfere with the doctrine!
    research time slow, some technologies not available (such as genetic enhancements), Cannot accept enslavement

    Now, If you align yourself with a buddy, or several buddies, you must give up these archaic systems and join one of
    the following:

    Federation: Everyone is welcome. Peace through Power. HAve to help help members that resquest assistance.
    +3 defense/
    +2 Offense/
    +2 population/
    +2 Conscription/
    +3 resource gathering/
    +3 research time/
    Quick to help teams with military help

    Alliance: Loosely affiliated nations that help each other out if it helps them.
    +2 defense/
    +3 Offense/
    +3 population/
    +2 Conscription/
    +2 resource gathering/
    +3 research time/
    quick to help teams with resources

    Covenant: All fight under one religion.
    +3 defense/
    +3 Offense/
    +2 population/
    +3 Conscription/
    +2 resource gathering/
    +2 research time/
    Moral is un-wavering

    Notice that you lose five points when you align yourself, so make sure it’s worth it. Aright, now just name your
    Race. Example, I’m going to choose the Zealots. I’ll need to give a name to my religion, Hmmm... Should look like

    The Order of Brandoom
    Species/ the Brandon’s
    Power/1 (this is how many regions you control)

    Now you move on to the unit creator. Here you will build every unit in your arsenal. I would say a limit of 30 per
    race. Delete older units and build newer ones if you require more. So this is how it works; First, choose a class,
    say a soldier class. The creature that I created earlier pops up, I can now add different armor types such as
    helmets, clothing, etc. Since I’m a Zealot, I’m going to choose a medieval like helmet and matching cauldrons,
    gloves, boots, and a robe underneath it all. Ill color his armor metallic red and use my flag as the robe pattern (I
    could have chosen several other options such as a flat color, digi cammo, desert cammo, patterned design etc). All
    this is still just cosmetic. Once I’ve got the look of this unit right, I’ll get stats:

    -15 points to distribute
    Name of unit and description
    Strength: This will determine melee attack as well as how much load he can carry. critical for races that choose
    cheap projectile based weapons since he will have to carry ammo.
    Speed: How fast your unit moves as well as attacks in melee
    Moral: Lower moral units will retreat or convert to overwhelming forces
    Intelligence: how well your unit navigates terrain, his standard sight range, and what level of technology he can
    Upgrades: how many upgrade slots can this unit have? For units carrying an M-16, a wise upgrade slot would be extra
    ammo. (Other options include Stealth fields, Force shields, Book of conversions, metal shields, jump jets,
    teleporter) each option cost a certain amount of money. cost of unit.
    Primary Weapon: Ranged weapon. (Example: Sniper Rifle/ Sub Cats/ Projectile/sub cats/Dalton MK1 7.62 DU) Weapons
    cost money, so the more powerful the weapon the more your unit cost. Secondary Weapon: Melee weapon (Knife,
    sword, ax, hammer, chainsaw) cost of your unit.
    Cost: How much this units total cost is.
    Note: since I’m a Zealot, some technologies are not available, such as range enhancement eye implants or speed

    Knight of BranDoom Order/ He’ll own joo arse!
    Strength: 3
    Speed: 3
    Moral: 5
    Inteligence: 3
    upgrades: metal shield
    P Weapon: Mavis ML1 Charged particle Cannon
    S Weapon: pick ax
    Cost: 250 Creds

    Alright, that’s my basic cannon fodder soldier. I now have 29 available units to build. I’m going to stick with the
    whole crusader theme, but I need some serious fire power to spread the good word. Let’s build a vehicle!

    I'll start a new unit class, ground vehicle. First, I'll choose a chassis. Out of many options such as Track,
    wheel, hover jets or walker, I chose wheel. Now I select a sub category. Out of many options such as 2 wheel, 3
    wheel, 4 wheel yatta yatta, I’m going to choose 20 wheels. Next, I need a body. I like the long boxy look, it doesn’t
    take damage well, but it’s cheap and has plenty of room for weapons. Next I choose turrets. Next power plant, I’m
    going with diesel, limited range without re supply but cheap! With the body style that I’ve chosen I can fit six
    different turrets provided they don’t exceed the max weight limit. I pick six 120mm cannons. Of course, because of
    this design, this vehicle is best used when attacking broadside. I know this. Now I choose a texture pattern. I
    pick metallic red, to keep with my theme. Now a name. Should look like this...

    BranDooms Broadside Semi Truck/ Its da shizznit
    Armor: 3
    Speed: 3
    weapons: 6 120mm cannons
    Power plant: Diesel
    cost: 2200 creds

    Classes would be as followed

    Tech: this class will have a certain task depending on what you choose, such as harvest resources, construct
    buildings, scientist.
    Soldier: All your combat grunts, so many ways to go with this...
    Ground Vehicle: tanks, troop transports, etc
    Air Craft: bombers, helicopters, balloons, fighters
    Sea Craft: transport, battleship, submarine yatta yatta
    Space Craft: You can build em, but can’t use me until you’ve conquered enough territory to purchase the expensive
    technology needed. Eventually, you’ll use these to attack other worlds and add them to your turf. You can and also
    build space stations and defensive satellites to defend your world against other invading players. I imagine it like
    this: player 1 sends three battle ships and two transports to server 666 with player 2 and player 3 dominating
    world. Player one looses 1 carrier and 2 battleship to planetary defenses but was able to achieve foothold. If
    you’re wondering what space combat is like, I imagine it as a pre-game that is required to attack servers that have
    planetary defenses. Ya know, kind of like the last star trek games, just colorful space with ships fighting, when
    the match is over, if the attacker is successful at destroying planetary defenses, he can choose to continue his
    attack, retreat or wait for re-enforcements.

    Think of the Unit Creator like chromo hounds, mech warrior or any other game that gives you parts to build a mech,
    but instead you’re building a whole army that you will later purchase and build in your war factories. I always hated
    building the perfect mech and having a linear game to use it in...

    After you've built your forces to your satisfaction, you must go on to build your buildings. Buildings will be built combining hundreds of simple prefabs like a base plate with with four wall prefabs and a roof prefab. Add a giant door prefab and you have a mech factory.
    Buildings will have to be of proper size for their purpose, for instance I can make a small cheap barracks to
    build my Knights, but for the large semi I need a structure equally as big, which means cost go up as well as build
    time, not to mention the valuable space it takes up. Since I’ve elected to use projectile weapons and fossil fuels,
    I’ll need to build ammunition factories as well as fuel plants to process raw petro that I’ll need to mine. There is much to consider with every choice and I believe that the first few races that people create will be trial and
    error. Also, you can make your own avatars for all your units and buildings when you finish the unit, simple take a
    snapshot of your preferred angle and it will automatically be used in game when purchasing it.

    All of this is just for example. I'm sure alot would be changed but as long as the principle stays the same it would still be a kill new genre. Customization is key to this game type. It will take you awhile to build up a proper rooster, I suppose there could be a random generator for those impatient gamers. Lame.

    I believe that is more than enough to get the idea across. A massive online real time strategy game that uses factions created by players. Conquer your world, and then move on to the galaxy. Defend your turf, annex theirs. Ally yourself or become enslaved, whatever it takes. Perhaps make a profit from defending weaker players from stronger ones, or aim to be that galactic empire that star wars warned us of. You can travel to neutral worlds and purchase new technologies or go to fortress worlds and battle hardened AIs for rare and powerful ones. Be a space pirate and raid these explorers or police the galaxy. So many choices, all of them yours to make.

    If your still confused, I'll explain it like this. Imagaine Mechwarrior, Warhammer dawn of war, the last star trek game, and WoW All rolled into one. You got the mechwarrior part designing and piecing together your units, the DOW asspect with conquering regions and being RTS and if you played the last star trek games, thats how I envison the space battles, but with ships you designed. Lastly you have the WoW tribute. Wich is obviouse with the charactor creator and the massive multiplayer online details. Roll em all into one and you have CORTS.

    A brief scenario would be: You form an aliance on your world, conquer it, and then head to the nearest planet. You assemble your armada consisting of five ships( the max allowed), you've sent a scout ship there prior and you know that its just one civilization on this world, an emperial one. That means to backup for him, ha! You found one space station armed with a few nuclear misles. No biggy. U scouted a soft region with mild defenses that should allow you to get a solid foothold. Knowing what you know, you bring your flagship battleship and four transports, three with an advance attack party the other with four drop buildings. SO you enter his region of space, everything is going smooth, your moving at FTL speed toward the planet. Your scanners detect no ships yet, he must not be advanced enough to build them yet. Sweet, easy pickings. Just four hundred killometers away... oh snap! Three frigates just jumped onto this server and are heading toward you! That bastard must have hired some mercenaries when he spotted your scout ship! Bah! This changes things, you slow your transports down and send your flagship after the frigates. Meanwhile you send out a distress signal to your allys. Only one is online but he says that the mission is to big of a risk to send reinforcements! Coward! If you had elected to join a federation he would have to send help, but no... had to go with the liberal alliance's! Space battle begins, your flagship destroys the smaller frigates, but is heavily damaged. No way it can destroy that space station now! Your only chance is to make a cannonball run to the planet and hope all your transports make it to the planet. Your battle ship is quickly destroyed by the first nuke, two more nukes destory one of your transports carrying troops, then another troop transport! Fortunaetly the rest land, server loads::: Now your on the planet surface in the region you designated safe, or was. As soon as you unload your buildings, you come under attack by the Emperial forces, Your units are getting overrun, no way you can hold out much longer. You get ready to consider surender... But without warning drop pods start landing around you! Its one of your offline allys that must have gottin online and read your distress message! Now you have a fighting chance, you push back the emperors first waves. He'll be back, but by then you'll have a stable foothold and be ready! ANd so begins your first conquest of another world. The End!
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