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    - got my self an idea (please read) - big time activity :)

    The Virtual Studio Version 1

    ok, so heres my idea

    we get some of the cool guys here at CA to join up in this thread as "our"
    clients, they will then come up with certain projects, for instance,
    Project : Sci-Fi medival Demonic Movie (the wackyness is for uselessness).

    Then each of the members on the board will then reply if they will be
    "attending" the project, and since this forums main concern is concept art, all
    participants are to create concepts for this project, however if some people
    feel like going over the top, and creating something else that fits in the project.

    Step One
    Then our project will then be assigned 3 deadlines, one for initial critique,
    where our client (are some cool guys, these will be selected after the thread
    is really started), this is where we will be told wich of our concepts are in the
    right direction of the initial idea (you know just like in a studio) or if we are
    going the wrong way. Here each participant can submit one post of 2-3 images.

    Step Two
    Then the final stage dealine, where we present 2-3 concepts pr. participant,
    and will have a change to make a choice depending on the "clients" liking, on
    wich concept to hold on to.

    Step Three
    then finally we all (who participated) submit our final concept(one picture pr.
    participant), depending on participants this can be a large amount. So any
    one person willing (selected by each project) will edit all the submissions
    together and post it in a neat way, to kinda "present" the final concepts.

    A Example of workflow:
    Client "A" starts a Project called : Monsters From Beneath (very original i know )
    then explains with words what could work for this and what the overall setting
    We then join in on the project, lets say CAmember x, y and Z joins.
    The client have stated that the first deadline must fall 3 days from when the project is started.

    X,Y and Z then starts working on concepts and at latest 3 days later they
    submit (or submit as they create, to inspire others) there first 3 concepts.
    the "client" then checks in, look em all through at a glance, points out what
    fits his project and what doesnt. then we get the next deadline for our 3 final
    concepts, hat might be 6 days or something like that (its up to the "client")
    we then start working again, and when we feel ready, we submit our work (but not later than stated deadline) our client can then choose i.e. one single
    of X's concepts and say "thats a bullseye" making it possible for the rest of us
    to fit our concepts to the clients needs. then maybe 2 days later we can all
    submit our final (1 image) work, that will then be edited in to one neat post
    to present the work by X,Y and Z (maybe even with title and soem fancy
    borders.) and then we are all ready for another project.

    the, whole idea is to get us all started and get us out of our comfort zones,
    sometimes you dont really have much ideas or directions your heading with
    what your drawing, so im thinking that a forced concept is a good way to get started and inspire each other.

    also it might be a good way to get a sence of unity and group work, if cordinated well. So all of us who are noobies and wannabes can feel the
    hardcoreness of deadlines and so on. Since we dont work in studios (pros can
    ofcourse join in too) it could be cool to try and get that feeling


    Feel free to come with your own suggestions as how this could all be "running"
    and if you even feel like its a good idea. Ive also made a couple of ideas for rules that could make the whole process alot more painless.

    Anyway i hope you all think this is a splendid idea.
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