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    Cow WIP: Hairless cat

    Hi everyone!!

    I'm a long time lurker of the forums here, and I finally decided to pick your brains, since you all kick so much ass.

    So anyway, I made this sculpture of my hairless cat for a class, and I'm for the most part really happy with him. It my first "serious" sculpture, and I definetely had a lot of fun, and already I'm ready to make more!

    On to the questions!

    1. Any suggestions on how I can make the wrinkles more natural and, well, wrinklier?

    2. On the tail, I used a single piece of armature wire, and the plasticine isn't adhering to it too well, making it really difficult for me to smooth the lumpyness out of it. Any ideas how I can remedy this?

    3. Anything that needs serious help? rip me a new one! I'm ready!


    Thanks so much!

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    Great sculpture by the way! it has great form...and nice mass. ok about the wrinkles, and most other details you will ever run into in sculpture: ReMber, look at the silhouette. You have the base shapes (wonderful job too) now comes the secondary forms...try to break up the silhouette with the added shapes...your wrinkles are placed nicely; however they don't really change the outline of the sculpture...try squinting your eyes and focusing on the outline/silhouette..and you will see what i mean... work on breaking up that outline, and i believe you will get get the look you are aiming for.

    about the tail: try a technique called crimping the wire...get some wire cutters...or teethed pliers for that matter..and just work them around the wire to make a rough careful not to cut the wire too badly to be unstable...if you'd rather not risk damaging the wire try wrapping some smaller wire around it...(not sure of your scale but 1/16 gauge wire looks like it might work) or go to walmart and get some floral wire...(not expensive) and wrap that ..i use the floral wire a lot for that very reason on my small sculptures...
    i'll stop rambling now
    hope i helped!
    Great job again!

    to further extrapolate...note the difference between wrinkles...and surface scratches/ surface detail (i.e pores and the fine wrinkles) try using a light version of the technique you used for these combination with the secondary form wrinkles.
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    notice the doesn't have to be drastic..subtlety are signs of mastery

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    Handsome little devil .

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