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    kre8tv1 Guest

    Cool Hello fabulous People!

    :hello!: I'm new to the forum..:p
    What a GREAT place this is, huh? I'm an artist from the old school, trying to break into the new...bit of a late start, but SO BE IT! :crazy: Life is just too damned depressing to go through it only to realize it's too late to do what you truly love, so I have given up my fears, and am now embarking on the path to being able to expess my undulating passion - expressions in art! I have recently been graced with a Wacom tablet, so It's like I'm learning to draw & paint all over again! :confused: But it's fun!:rofl: Here is a little doodle I did the first night I started playing with Corel Painter

    Hello fabulous People!

    Its no masterpiece, by any means, but my son likes it!:clapping2 It's just a little cartoonie Dragon I came up with. I have yet to figure out all the nifty things you can do on the computer, and I think I've got a long way to go before I can pull-off anything 3D. :huh: Everything I know, thus far, (which isn't much) I have learned on my own. I have recently gone back to school, I am majoring in Visual Communications, so I am hoping that I can REALLY learn the "new school" methods, and with any luck, maybe, in this higly competetive world filled with so many talented people (and many of them seem to be members here!!) I will be able to eventually get out of my dead-end job that merely pays the bills with NO fullfillment whatsoever, and join the world of WORKING ARTISTS! Feel free to offer any crit -I can take it, and I need it too! :thumbsup: Any pearls of wisdom or tips n' tricks are more than welcome on this end! I need all the help I can get!:shocked:

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    Kev Crossley Guest
    Hiya kre8tv1, nice dragon.. thing!!

    I'm fairly new to this forum too, and it's been great chatting to some of the talented folk here... plenty of inspiration to be found, and awesome art to be humbled by!!!!

    Regarding your comments about leaving it a bit late... it's never too late to persue a passion! (It's a cliche, but totally true!) I'm 30 for lawks sake! And after 10 years of dicking around, I've finally found the balls to focus on making happen the thing I've dreamt about since I was a kid!!! Don't get me wrong, I've struck up correspondance with some incredibly talented 'youngsters' whose work wipes the floor with mine, but as long as you keep in mind you can always learn new tricks and improve, your quest to get somwhere with your art will be fruitful and satisfying!!!! Just keep at it!!!

    Regarding hints about painting on the computer, I'm sure others here are far better qualified to comment about that, as I'm mostly a traditional artist working in water colours and inks and pencils. While getting used to working with the computer, it's probably best to experiment openly with whatever features your art package has to offer. Make multiple copies of your images, and do different things to each one and compare the results.

    Anote about 'filters' or plugins... IE any computer effect you can apply to your image that gives it texture etc... often I find these result in an image that looks obviously computer manipulated, which I personally like to avoid. One way to do this, is apply your computer effect to your image, then select the brush/ airbrush/ pencil tool, and manually work over the details of the computer effect..... this has the effect of 'massaging' the effect into the image more thoroughly, giving a much more natural appearance, and more importantly stamps it with your style, and the extra work you put in will result in a better rounded piece of work!!!! I hope that made some sense!!!!!

    That's all for now, good luck with the experimentation! :chug:

    Kev Crossley :chug:

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    hi - i am killingpeople,

    thanks for sharing some of your work, i am intrested to see some more, so go ahead and post more up! unless you are afraid of plagiarism of course (teasing) :p i am thinking your artwork is automatically copywrited once you create it. here is a slue of wonderful toliet reading material .. so if you have a laptop i guess, for once, i was useful with a post.

    there is always something to learn.
    nice meeting you, see you around.


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    kre8tv1 Guest

    Thanks for writting!

    Hmmmm...I don't know how to load an image to this forum without it being on the web, so all I could do was add stuff from my web page....of which is all experimental - so please forgive!

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