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    I have to say some of the images make me return and look again and again at them.
    Especially this Satan-like horse from entangled wire, touch of death... by Tinfoil. that's very impressive and charismatic image. I look and look at it..this image has no barriers in my brains. And overall his images have a strange, surreal taste, looking at them like traveling in some far, far away worlds, so enchanting. Like those mountains with lamb horns or wheels frozen in the air. Very fresh, deep, original manner to see. I like his manner to tell the story... calm and dreamy, kind of philosophical story about other world.

    I like the lyrical softness in flaptraps's images, kind of moss-like sensation form his colors and textures and I especially like the character with naked torso in green checkered pants... he looks so alive, like he just came out from trees density suddenly, so wild. Sense of colors, harmony, subtlety and richness are outstanding in his images IMO.

    Prostrate sunrise images look delightful despite the context... I don't know... they look like a celebration of life, like some festival, which was eagerly awaited by everyone. he just cheer me up with the energy and hidden joy in every image. A lot of taste and it is great to see so many tones of brown or orange in one image. Very rich and never ending force of life in your art. I like the girl with bear and I especially like the character with fire in his face... Japanese festival triumphantly moving through the city, really.

    Cicinmo... I enjoyed all your images, especially this one and gruesome rocks in the air...
    Robot caught in the swirls and the iron horse with a great presence and personality ... my favorite.

    M.C.Barrett, you have a very personal touch to all your image, be it enviros or creatures... they have souls and very attentive eyes, curious face expressions and very often very funny ones... make me look with a bigger attention , expecting soemthing form them.

    Last edited by sve; October 19th, 2007 at 01:32 AM.
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    man im overwhelmed!!!!

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    Now that I have picked up my jaw off the cold floor, I will just say that this is a very amazing group of achievements. You all should be proud.

    Shawn Adomanis

    "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!" – The Wizard of Oz
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    fresh to death as usual guys!!! I can't wait for Seattle... i'll be front and center at your presentations.

    New Sketchbook

    Old Sketchbook

    "I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do." -Leonardo Da Vinci
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    holy hell guys.... just,.. dam.

    well done.


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    Fantastic creature designs and breathtaking environments....

    Outstanding effort - well done guys.


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    oh geeze. so inspiring. I want to work at arenanet too.

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  9. Absolutely amazing work. congrats guys.

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    is it over ?.....gosh my underwear is in a really bad shape now..

    Thanks alot for sharing these!

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    HOLY MAMA! Really amazing stuff! Looking forward to seeing more jaw dropping works!

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    wow. im totally blown away...and speechless! umm. bravo! and thanks! :-)

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    These magnificent pieces of work are simply A-mazing!

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    I don't know about Jesus, but I'm weeping right about now.
    Cicinmo, your environments are unfuckin' believable.
    It seriously hurts me to breath right now.
    I'm ashamed to hold a wacom pen.

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    what a gorgeous team !
    ok now let me find a rope.

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    you guys seriously rock! HARDCORE!!

    Last edited by bumskee; October 18th, 2007 at 10:37 PM.
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    WONDDDDDDEERRRRFUL!!!!!!!!! is there more?!!?!?! PLEASE! I'm so ready to draw now, thanks so much! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhfgterngirevbjdngpfu igerage

    'If you don't make mistakes, you're not working on hard enough problems.And that's a big mistake.' - Step by Steps, Videos, PSD Downloads, and tons of other crap
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    -HAHAHA B.B.F.F. Forever...-
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    paint skills is sick

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    Extraordinary. This is the most humbling/inspiring stuff I've seen in a very,very long time. Simply amazing stuff...

    I am Shiva the god of death...
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    Omg. This is orgasm for my eyes.

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    good lord, what a collection of images! all I can say is beautiful work guys, these are all truly amazing. talk about inspiration!

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    You guys are my heros! These are amazing. Im an avid GW player.. (haha its probably why my art is not going anywhere lately!) and I wish I could see all of this in the game. The armor and everything are very well done. I hope that some of the extra armor ideas are added later on.

    Great job, I cant wait to see more.

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    hi man seriously print a book if it is less than 300 USA dollar I will buy it, I will definately buy it. come on print a book please

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    ok here´s a long boring blah blah blah post
    in a few words it says: you guys rule !!

    just want to show my appreciation for this team
    take my hat off

    Dougbot: Man, you did a bunch of stuff!!
    from your first post i really like the creature
    with the red energy glow, there is a nice variety
    of texture and color on the wings, and i specially dig the
    tiny white lnes on the floor, and for post #29 i like em a lot
    the one before fire elemental is awesome, i wonder how big is it?
    and fire elemental, blue orb totem and camouflage grass creature
    are super, the small diagrams really reinforce the actions of these
    creatures, also we can tell you imagined and made the "concept"
    for actual gameplay and animation, very nice, all your work
    shows good mass i like it very nice variety :-)

    Xia: !!!!!!!! you posted !! that´s awesome dude, it has been
    a while since i saw your work, dude kick ass!! love all the
    armour designs i like the one with the bird motiff

    Flaptraps: first one is very nice all those hard edges
    and the tiny bush detail on the bottom left describe the scale so
    greatly, love your brushwork, lot´s of variety keeps me going
    around the illustration discovering more elements, figures
    are badass!! nice style

    Tinfoil: that mountain in the port, the one in the
    shape of the horned beast is EPIC the hues on the rock
    are my favorite part specially on the bottom left, and the
    horns are rendered beautifully, most of the work has
    great broad brushwork and speed to it, but looking at it closer
    depicts a much more delicate care for detail and form, nail the overall
    then work for polishing it, great work !!

    Ragnar X: hey dude, you got some good stuff on your website, and the
    olmec head is awesome nice variety of details is cool to see your
    environment work and character work together :-)

    Prostate sunrise: not fair man, not fair, what can we say after
    looking at those, everything is so "in your face " loose in some
    parts and BAM amazing care for detail and good detail, well organized
    and never being repetitive thats what´s great about your work,
    it all has this organic feel and personality you tilt the heads of
    the character and move their arms to show personality, color,
    rendering it is very impressive and overwhelming

    Genital eclipse: Nice environments and variety of angles the 4 bridges one is my fav,
    has some good contrast in the point of interest and washes that gove
    a good atmosphere, the vegetation under the pilar is very cool

    Cicinimo: First time I´ve seen your work and WOW i got crazy about it
    it is impressive, dude that spine mountain bay where the spikes are getting
    direct sunlight and have that reflective light under, you really nailed
    that one having less render less contrast bigger brushstrokes on the ones
    near the front and all that work and scale on the ones in the sunlight
    what an awesome illo, and the one with the viking getting the bird
    on his arm, that one is gold !!! pure gold!! can see the bird flapping,
    and the materials are all so well depicted i specially like the fur, nice flow
    and no repetition, you took your time with this one and it is awesome, all
    your work is really good . . . you are a good artist man

    Stokes: dude that´s a lot of good variety! looks great i like the last 3 the most
    they have some nice sense of scale and the overview looks great very inspirational
    I bet is cool to imagine all those characters moving around those huge places,
    you got some nice color palettes, the last one i like how you washed the mountains bu still
    retains some nice color to them and they contrast very well with that warm top
    part of the building.

    Jason Juan: I remember looking at this on your website, that is so cool, man i love the
    level of tighness on the finished looking ones you just went there and did some great
    details nice materials and great 3d sense of form.

    Merekat: nice ladies :-D !! those designs are very nice, i like the ones with the
    japanese armour motiff, they sure look cool, very nice headpieces, did a great job
    maintaining the style of the groups and also making them different enough.

    BlindMan: dude that Pirahna beast is nasty, that´s some cool stuff, i like the
    ruins environment how the vegetation wraps around the statue, looks very nice, you got
    some good renderings here , all elements of the concepts are very clear.

    M.C. Barrett: well well well, the one we´ve been waiting for to post :-)
    man you totally delivered !! for me you are one of the best creature desingers
    out there, it shows how much care and thought you put into your concepts, i´m just guessing
    some of use design doing silhouettes but you i can see you combine stuff in nature
    and make it look like it could actually live and breathe (not the undead ones) your work
    reminds me of Wayne Barlow cause all things i just said, even the material of the fur, shell
    and pattern design, it is so cool, nothing is left without proper care, dude you bested yourself again
    and your rendering skills are mad!! I think of all this thread your work is the one that
    brings more "new" things to the table nothing but truly admiration for your artwork dude.

    Now i´m going to sleep

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  27. #116!!!

    It's nice to see I'm not the only one posting here who plays the game

    I just hope to someday be joining you guys in some way.

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    I would love to say I want to see more, but I doubt I can handle it

    Amazing work guys!

    "Master storytellers never explain. They do the hard, painfully creative thing-- they dramatize"

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  29. #118
    Happy, happy, joy, joy!

    Really great work. One of the rare posts where use of the word 'awesome' is truly justified.


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    I've nothing but praise for Cicinimo. Your paintings made my day,


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    best. thread. ever.

    As far as environment design goes, god just had his arse handed to him.
    sweet jesus this stuff is just too fucking...

    amazing job guys, thanks for this.

    Brendan Noeth

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