I'm after some information about the best image cataloguing software for the mac. In the latest issue of Corel Painter Official Magazine (No 9) there is a tutorial by Daniel Cox on doing a Retro Space Battle painting. He writes about gathering reference material and the first screen shot is of, what looks like a rather good image cataloguing application. Unfortunately the type in the image is too small to read the name. If anyone has read this tutorial and knows what that app is I'd really appreciate them letting me know. I use a mac and from the other screen shots it seems that Daniel Cox does too.

Alternativley if anyone knows a image cataloging app for the Mac, they can suggest, that would be cool too.

I'm currently using iVeiw Media Pro - now called Expression Media. It is pretty good but the printing is crap and you can't see a the thumbs and the selected image as you can in Daniels.

Any thoughts, help much appreciated.